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The Neighbor - Chapter 1 - The Run-In

Summary: A chance meeting turns into unbridled attraction and a month of hot days and even hotter nights. Can a relationship be grounded on toe-curling, mind-blowing sensuality?


The Neighbor - Chapter 9 Teaser

A/N -  You can expect an update for this chapter no later than Thursday of this week. Love you guys, and I hope you enjoy :)


My thighs rubbed together with each of my strides, tiny thong against my body, making me acutely aware of its presence, and my need for him. My whole body had been on edge since this morning when he’d left me working on my computer, dress shirt fitted perfectly to his body, and slacks that made me want to do all sorts of things that I was sure were illegal in most states.


“Yeah Bells?” He said absently, just trying to get us where we were going. I tried to steer him toward one of the many quiet little alleys between the buildings, just for a few moments, then we could be on our way.

“What...what are you doing Bells?”

My heels clicked as I tugged him into a deep hallway, no one was around, no one would know. He glanced around and upward, making sure that we weren't about to make a peep-show for some French college kids, or something of the like. I mean, it wasn’t like we were in the red-light district; something like two people having dirty public sex wasn’t bound to go over very well, even in Europe. Despite this, the fact that Jake was following me, however hesitantly made me even less concerned than I already was, per-usual, the wine had made my inhibitions missing in action.

I backed him against an ancient-looking wooden door, his hands all over my body with familiarity and lust. My lips were on his throat, softly at first, but affirming what I was thinking. I grabbed his wrists placing his hands on my ass, pulling away from him for only a moment, and of course, he stood there, gaping at me like I was insane. His body belied his expression though. He was more than ready for me, his hands roaming and squeezing, his cock steel against denim.

“You’re crazy...”

His hands pushed my second-skin skirt up my thighs, just for him to do what he needed to do without giving the world a show - not that there was a soul there to pass judgment.

Heart hammering against my ribcage, I felt his fingers roughly push my panties aside, and sink upwards and into me.

“I’m gonna make you cum here, then I’m gonna fuck you when we get’re so wet babe...did I do this to you?” His warm mouth ecstasy against my ear, his body like heaven pressed against my hot skin.

The City

Summary ::Slash:: Emmett & Paul spot each other on a NYC train, but the moment passes...or does it? A slash romance with a bunch of usual suspects from Twilight, plus tattoos, steel & a black eye to round things out. Rated M for Major Lemons & Language - AH/AU

A/N – Thank you to the girls of Friday Free For All for giving this kid with a dream a chance, and to Connect2tjb and Chele681 for helping me come up with this pairing - Paul and Emmett kinda took it from there. Thank you to my awesome team of slash pre-readers, you know who you are, and of course, my ficwife and betafish, Kay Cannon, for helping me fix all my mistakes.

DISCLAIMER: Twilight characters and related likeness are owned by Stephenie Meyer, Little Brown Publishing. No profits have been received in the production of this piece.


The City

I had to have been about six the first time I actually remember riding the train with my grandpa.

…His senior bowling league in Flushing.

I always looked forward to those weekly rides I got to spend with him. I mean, he was just about the best guy I knew. Not to mention, I got the chance to escape the insanity that was my four older brothers, if even for a few hours. That, and the candy.

Stealing Forever - Chapter 8 - Easing the Hurt

Chapter 8 - Easing the Hurt

Generally speaking, Claire considered West Virginia a grim-looking state. She waited silently for the others to comment on their surroundings, not wanting to seem pretentious, though it was hard not to at the moment. The landscape and what she'd seen of the people left quite a bit to be desired. Of course, Embry looked around brightly, and she watched his eyes survey the road ahead as they entered the state. He craned his head to look at her and flickered his eyes toward his window with a quizzical look. Then, a mile-wide smile broke across his face; it was infectious, and she responded wordlessly, with a shrug and a small grin.

The Neighbor - Chapter 8 - Pressed Again

Chapter 8 - Pressed Again

We made it to our gate in enough time, even after stopping at an airport restaurant for burgers and mulling around for snacks and magazines. I really, really needed gummy bears, so Jake searched for the ones I wanted that weren't too hard - I hated that. He also tracked down the exact People Magazine with Matthew McConaughey on the cover that Alice had been telling me all about. It had an editorial with a vintage-looking dress she was considering incorporating in the wedding somehow, maybe for a bridesmaid or even a mother-of-the-bride dress. Her mother Esme did have the perfect figure for it.

The Neighbor - Chapter 7: Leaving on a Jetplane

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"Jake!" Renee completely bypassed me in favor of a near running-hop into the arms of my boyfriend.

"Ms. Dwyer..." Jake started, his sun-eclipsing smile spread across his lips as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Renee!" my mother admonished, "I told you to call me Renee."

"Of course, Renee," he continued, with his grin. "I brought dessert. I hope that's okay." I had convinced him to make that chocolate thing that I'd gone so batshit for once upon a time. It seemed so long ago, so many things had changed in our lives, even in that moment, as we stood at a precipice of our future, only days away from our month-long trip abroad.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Neighbor Chapter 10 Teaser

I glanced at the clock. Alice and Jasper would meet us here in just twenty minutes. Mike’s house was closer to our apartment building - just a short few blocks away, an easy walk in the warm early evening. Jake ran his hands along the front of my shorts, my pussy aching for his thick fingers to roughly rub until I was excited beyond all comprehension.

I ran my hands along the smooth skin of his shoulders and chest, trying to touch him everywhere quickly. None of it was enough- it never was, really. I felt greedy and deprived. He bent down, ground his swollen dick along the front of my shorts, and really, there wasnt much fabric keeping us from what I could tell we both really needed.

The rap on the door was abrupt. Enough to make both of us jump a little.

It reverberated up my spine, to my skull, over my nipples and down to my damp pussy being dryhumped into submission by my insanely sexy boyfriend.

“Fuck.” Jake breathed against my mouth. “What the fuck...”

“Shit, shit, shit.” I whined, unwrapping my calf from around his thigh. “Ali and Jazz...”

“Of all the fucking times they could be on time, they choose fucking now.” He continued to mutter under his breath, straightening his solid cock in the shorts he wore under his costume. As Jake answered the door, all I could think of was the painful clenching that was my pussy’s protest.

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