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In an effort to raise money for Haiti relief, MsKathy is compiling a book of author works (over 200 entries long, so far) for anyone who donates at least $5.00 to the cause.

You guessed it; I'll be donating some work as well, a sexy little o/s I'm working on.  GO, NOW! for more details.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

12 Ways - Chapter 2 - War of the Roses…er…Lilies.

It’s amazing how the smallest things can seem so epic and monstrous and all-consuming.
At the moment, though the hum of his breathing should have been something altogether comforting-a soothing susurration beside me- the steady intake of breath in and out of his lungs indicating that he was still indeed alive should have been something that I welcomed.
Should have.
But, instead, his steady beating heart and breathing in the still quiet of our bedroom amid the early morning light just peeking a sliver of a ray though the heavy black-out curtains taunted me.
No, it laughed at me really.
And with that laughter I flinched and stiffened.
Yes. He was still alive, still well.
And his sporadic mumbles in his sleep, his eyes shifting side to side beneath his eyelids amid his REM slumber caused the most unexpected flair of fury to rise within me.
The volume of his near-silent breathing rose, heightening each wave of sound in my ear, tickling every cilia in my ear canal, thrumming a screeching sound that was so maddening, so tangible that I could almost bite it. Almost crunch it between my teeth.
His breath in that early morning became a nail-splitting, mind-numbing buzz saw.
I felt him in my blood; I heard him in my sleep. He was attached to every sensory function in my body.
He was a part of me.
I tossed and turned for hours, unable to sleep, only to find him beside me, sleeping so peacefully, so soundly, that he barely even moved. The only motion I noticed was the slight twitching of his facial muscles or the bob of his Adam's apple as he swallowed in the moonlight, then dawning light, which shined on his painfully perfect face.
...his eyes sliding back and forth...and back and forth as he slept.
...the rise and fall of his chest.
I watched him for hours. Hours. KEEP READING

THE MAN IN ME: Becoming Jacob - Ch. 7 - Closets and Christenings

I had no idea why, but at that moment, my thoughts settled on my mom.
...well, my six-year-old boy understanding of her, anyway.
She’d be proud of me.
There were only a few memories left in my mind about her - they were all the same, playing in loops around my mind whenever I needed her.
Me, Billy, her and the twins at a summer festival.
Her zipping me into layers and layers of clothing, then into a massive thermal suit on the first winter's snow storm, me just itching to head outside.
Her mutton stew and fry bread.
Her shower of kisses on my face. I'd reluctantly accepted them, later wiping them off in the presence of Embry and Quil. I mean, I was a man.
Mostly though, I remembered my mom’s smile, one that I’ve been told time and time again mirrors my own almost exactly. I like to think that every time I smile, I’m participating in my own little one-man memorial for her.
Those days were some of my best memories of her, though nothing life-changing happened, really. I’m still not really sure of all the specifics, blame it on time and my age then, but I am positive of how I felt; how she made me feel, and it was pure love and adoration.
The stretching road ahead and the overcast sky beckoned me to my new home. Glancing to the right of me - the halo of perfectly messy auburn curls blowing wildly in the wind, the small dimple dotting her left cheek, the tilt of her head as she looked out the passenger window deep in thought - my love for Ness actually intensified, if that’s possible. My heart was so full at the thought she would be taking this journey with me, right there beside me.
More than that though, a pensive smile played at my lips and a realization settled in.
I was happy. KEEP READING

Stealing Forever WON!!

Yep! Thanks to all who voted, read, and reviewed. Writing this story was a labor of love. I'm working on the next chapter as we speak, and will post a teaser sometime tomorrow.  READ STEALING FOREVER

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