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The Neighbor - Chapter 3 Weekend Outtake

For those who want a little more insight into THAT weekend with Bella and Jake. You know - the one where they barely left Jacob's bed for 3 days straight? Yeah. That one. Here's a quick little outtake written for my dear friend and beta, Kay Cannon's birthday:

Him, lying there, his sienna skin dewy from the work of the last hour was...amazing.
I wanted to take a break, to give my body some time to relax, but everything in me told me to stay and watch the rise and fall of his chest.
He was so beautiful.
I wanted so much more of him, I wanted him inside me again, and it had barely been thirty minutes.
Jacob had drifted off, and god, as much as I wanted to, I couldn't blame him.
This was insane.
We were insane.
We had to stop at some point.
We had to breathe at some point.
But, I didn't want to.

The Taming: A Paul and Leah Lemonfest

Summary – Paul Wolfe and Leah Clearwater work at one of the premiere IT companies in Seattle and are at the top of their games. What happens when two alpha personalities are paired and forced to spend long hours at the office together? Explosion! AU/AH Paul/Leah. Rated M/NC-17 for Lemons and Language. Written for Ms. Kathy's Twifans for Haiti drive.

A/N – I've never paired Paul and Leah together, though, I can't really see why now. They seem like the hottest, most volatile match, just waiting for some love. I hope you like this one, it was fun to write, and I personally think it's hot as hell. Paul was really speaking to me, and he has a dirty, dirty mouth.

Thank you andyouloveher and Kay Cannon for accepting my last-minute beta-begging and doing such a boss job with my very ROUGH draft and Einfach Mich for her general fuckawesomeness and for getting us together.

A special shout-out goes out to my twitter lovies, ClaudiRod22, ToDream, Reijilie, and Taye for inspiring this by bullying me relentlessly.

:::DISCLAIMER::: There is some pretty graphic language and even more graphic lemons, not to mention some light roughness, but all scenes are consensual from both parties involved.
Stephanie Meyer owns the world of Twilight, I just play around and do dirty, smutty things to it.
Okay. Now. On to the lemons!

Seattle, Wa.
I couldn't fucking believe this shit.
Of all the fucking people in the department and of all the fucking assignments on the planet, Jay paired me with her.
Somewhere, someone fucking hated me.
I couldn't even say I didn't deserve this shit, though. I'd done some pretty fucked up shit in my life, including fucking my cousin's wife in the bathroom of their wedding last year. But, fuck me.
Really, God?
Maybe if I could keep my fucking dick in my pants, I'd be working on this project with Jake, or Sam, or a fucking monkey playing cymbals. Anyone but her. Karma was a fucking bitch.
"Wolfe, you and Clearwater'll work on the presentation to Tanya, set for two weeks after this coming Wednesday. We need to prove the need to move forward on this product, so there will be a fair amount of research that you'll need to conduct."
Fucking stellar.

The Neighbor - Chapter 2 - Midday and Chocolate

Chapter 2: Midday and Chocolate

....absolutely vibrating with anticipation.
I was a complete spaz at work. My brain was on him, not my job, and that didn't help me come up with new and zippysnappypoppy advertisements, at all. This was all insane. I didn't even know this man – had barely even had a full conversation with him – and here, now, I couldn't take my mind off him.
…How his fingers felt on my skin.
…The briny taste of his shoulder, slick from rain and sweat in my mouth.
…The mind-numbing feel of him inside me.
"Bella, what the fuck is up?" hissed the only other Account Manager besides myself. After I'd stared at the Photoshop window on my laptop, gazing at the white and grey checkered boxes, obviously others started to notice.
"Wha...What?" My brain was on vacation.

The Neighbor - Chapter 3 - Chapter 3: The Awakening

Chapter 3: The Awakening

Alice was right. I had it bad.
…Really bad for this man.
I didn't even know if it was him or his dick, but when I was around him, I needed him inside me. And when we were apart, well, I need him inside me. I wanted his hands on my body, and his mouth breathlessly moaning my name.
I needed him.
This shit was insane.

The Neighbor - Chapter 4 - Slow Ride

Chapter 4: Slow Ride
"Holy shit Bella." Alice sure had a way with words.
"Yeah…" I blinked, glancing around at the busy walkway and pushing the last of my French fries around the red and white-checkered paper nestled in a plastic basket.
Today was just as hot as it always was during Jacksonville summers. The only relief was the briny cool breeze blowing against us, sending my hair whipping to the left of me, as we sat at the worn wooden table. The ocean made me feel so at peace, even in the middle of the fairly busy boardwalk.
"So, like, you're just gonna go?" she asked, incredulously, sucking a glob of ketchup off her thumb and taking another bite of her soy burger. I glanced at a shirtless in-line skater approaching, and I immediately thought about Jake and how he always favored running shirtless, especially on days like this. I needed him so badly, and I hadn't even been away from him for three hours. I nodded, raising my eyebrows and shrugging.
"You've got WAY more balls than I ever gave you credit for, there, B. I gotta say, I'm kinda proud."

Chapter 5 - The Neighbor - Can't Get No Satisfaction

Chapter 5: Can't Get No Satisfaction
Jake Black (11:51 AM 6/11) : Hey. How's work?
Me (11:56 AM 6/11) : Good. What's up?
Jake Black (11:57 AM 6/11) : Nothing. I miss you.
Me (11:58 AM 6/11) : I know jake. Im sorry. I miss you 2.
Jake Black (11:59 AM 6/11) : Will you come over tonight?
Me (11:59 AM 6/11) : I really want to. Im just swamped...Call you on my way home, k?
Jake Black (12:01 PM 6/11) : Ok.
Jake Black (12:22 PM 6/11) : Bella?
Me (12:25 PM 6/11) : Yes babe?
Jake Black (12:32 PM 6/11) : Nothing. I'll talk to you later.
I stared at the screen on my Blackberry, conflicted. My automatic response to Jake was to call, to talk to him, to be closer to him, but, I just couldn't focus on the issues we were having. Well, issues is kind of a strong word; I mean, Jake was great – that's what he does -be great. I, on the other hand, was floundering in the way of being a model girlfriend. My brain just wouldn't let me think past what was in front of me and getting this thing completed – hyper drive, productivity mode, if you will.
At the moment, I was waist-deep in a project with one of our biggest clients, who, in spite of Alice's and my best efforts, never really seemed satisfied. This campaign was becoming the fucking bane of my existence. Although I was still riding the wave of success from the Coleman account, thanks to Jake's emergence in my life and my new found creative boost, things like that were short-lived in Victoria's eyes.

Chapter 6 - The Neighbor - Click

Chapter 6: Click


Alarm woke me.

It always woke me. I never had any real reason for one, and, for a brief moment there, I'd forgotten where I was and why the damn thing was going off. There were reasons why I'd chosen the job I had – waking late being one of them.

Muttering to myself, I felt around for the snooze, not at all able to open my eyes and thanking God for the blackout curtains I'd gotten for the room. While the floor-to-ceiling balcony doors were pretty awesome, especially in the summertime, that shit sucked pretty bad if I wanted to sleep in.

Which tended to be always.

There was movement, a rustle, then a dissatisfied moan. I felt fingers search around, followed by various expletives.

This was a Monday morning ritual.

Stealing Forever - Chapter 1 - About Face


A/N – Thank you to Hopeful Wager for all her patience and betaing talents, my lovies for encouragement and comments, and Pack 100 for causing the drabble brainstorm that brought about this story in the first place. Banner here: http: // www . flickr. com/2585/4134605723_aa843a56d3_o. png
DISCLAIMER: Twilight characters and related likeness are owned by Stephenie Meyer,Little Brown Publishing. No profits have been received in the production of this piece.

Chapter 1 – About Face

He was irritated with himself for leaving his license at his Mount Airy home, almost twenty minutes away from the club. Backtracking was not on the schedule, and after the third stoplight in two blocks, he grew increasingly more eager to begin the night of tomfoolery, knowing his friends were becoming ever more intoxicated without Quil and him.
Outings like this were becoming less and less frequent as they settled into their late twenties. Two of them now had wives and children, the rest, time-consuming careers, mortgages and significant others that left little opportunity for extracurriculars.
All he'd have to do is grab his identification - forgotten on his dresser instead of tucked in his wallet - then he and Quil could be on their way back to meet the group.

Stealing Forever - Chapter 2 - Sweetest Drug

It had finally come.
After months of planning and place cards and registries and invites. Listening to the incessant bickering of her mother and his sisters. Selecting swatches in shades of blue and silver for cloth napkins. Food tasting and shower gifts and securing a venue.
At last, she had finally come to the veritable apex of her year-long climb towards the altar.
The dress.
Well, not quite the dress. Despite her best efforts over the last six months, that little bugger hadn't quite made itself known yet, sadly-- more like a dress, or dresses.
It was a necessary evil - and, evil it was. Over time, she'd gone through a litany of emotions, from the highs of intense happiness to the trenches of sadness, anxiety, frustration, hopelessness – all brought on by a simple lack of fabric, thread, and buttons. Her emotions all lead her back to this place in the end. Even with weekend trips to New York, Los Angeles and Paris, three wedding gown 'specialists,' not to mention wreaking havoc on Philadelphia metro, that integral part of their nuptials still remained incomplete.

Chapter 3 - Stealing Forever - Give and Take


"Seriously, Dude. You owe me big. Epic big," Quil grunted for the fifth time that morning, attempting to maneuver the large couch up the narrow stairs of Embry's new condo. "I don't know why you couldn't just get movers in here to help you."
"I know, I know I do, and why get movers when I've got you guys?" Embry had called the rest of their friends, and all but two were unable to help him move, and even they couldn't make it until well after lunch. How convenient that daughter's ballet recitals and trips to the market with grandmothers were impeding upon their ability to help him get all his crap into this place this particular morning.
His move into the much larger, loft-style space was past due. Things were picking up considerably at the gallery, and now he could afford something that had spacious rooms for painting and the storage of his own massive collection of artwork.

Chapter 4 - Stealing Forever - Left to Be Here


For the rest of his life, he'd remember everything that happened that night with near inhuman, excruciatingly perfect detail.
He'd later think bitterly how he couldn't remember his first day of junior high school, or the first boy-girl party he'd ever attended or even what the topic of the first university lecture he'd ever sat through was.
But he could always remember this.

Chapter 5 - Stealing Forever - Our Own Escape

She'd always wondered why black was the socially-accepted color to wear to these things. When her grandfather died two years ago, she, her mother and sisters had all gone to Neimans and searched for Sunday-best shirts, slacks, dresses, skirts.
All in black.
Glancing tiredly at the dress hanging against the door, she sighed heavily and played with a stray string on her bath towel, void of all emotion.
She found herself sitting on the edge of the double bed in her childhood room, staring at the same paint swirl pattern on the wall opposite her for the past twenty minutes, towel still draped around her naked body, black hair still damp and stick-straight, now becoming matted against her scalp. She knew better than to let the tangled mess begin to dry before running a brush through to the ends.
She just didn't care.

Chapter 6 - Stealing Forever - Leave it All Behind

Jacob drove the next hour or so in silence. His only comfort, the swish of cars beside him, the grind of tire against road.

He opted not to turn the radio on, it seemed almost blasphemous at this point to enjoy even the smallest pleasures. It pained him even to think that he would find any happiness, however minute, while he had been the catalyst for so much pain around him.

He wasn't even sure he could process the music anyway.

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DRABBLE: More Fun Than Brawny

Title: More Fun Than Brawny
Prompt: 18 – Cider/Fireplace/Homesick
Character/Pairing: Jake/Ness
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Showing how convenient being imprint on by a shapeshifter-wolf can be since 2001.


“Oh crap!” Ness looked at the brown liquid now covering the front of her blouse, neck and chest.

Running to the kitchen for something, anything to mop up the cider she’d spilled, she felt the familiar heat and presence of a large figure shadowing behind her.

Jake caught her hand, poised to dab the wetness at the front of her shirt. He whispered, glancing around to make sure they were alone in the crowded house of holiday party attendees.

“Let me get that for you…” Licking a trail from the swell of her breasts in her low-cut shirt, over her collarbone, pausing to bite her earlobe.

Well, ahem, happy holidays.

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Teaser - The Neighbor Chapter 4

Jake drug his eyes over my body hungrily. This was not the dress of someone not planning to get fucked.

I had carefully planned this dress to get fucked and fuck him.

He cocked an eyebrow and licked his lips, stopping his gaze at my royal blue cotton-covered nipples.

"You..." he swallowed, "You're not wearing a bra."

I gasped almost audibly. Five words. Five fucking words and I was on my back on his couch with that dress pushed downward to my waist and pushed upward exposing my thighs. His mouth was on me hot, and heavy and I knew that if he kept licking and sucking my nipples like that, I would cum and he hadn’t even touched the wetness between my thighs.

I moaned, arching my back, pushing my body toward his mouth, urging him on with my fingers in his hair. He roughly pushed my panties to the side and pushed his middle and index fingers into me, his mouth never leaving my nipples.

"Fuck..." I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut in the dim darkness of his living room. I instinctively began clawing at his shirt, trying to force it up and over his shoulders, just as I began working on the fly of his jeans; my phone's shrill ring broke the rhythm of our quiet pants and measured movements.

"Damnit..." Jake sighed, sitting back as I maneuvered under him, then rose to reach for the phone nestled in a side pocket of my purse.

"Heh...Hello?" I was still panting and breathless from Jake's hands and mouth on my body.

"Hey babes...Jazz and I are leaving now. We should get there in about ten." Alice smiled through the phone.

"Great." My voice was a strained murmur, as I tried to ignore Jacob now licking his fingers and lips. "We're about to leave now too."

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