Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chapter 5 - The Neighbor - Can't Get No Satisfaction

Chapter 5: Can't Get No Satisfaction
Jake Black (11:51 AM 6/11) : Hey. How's work?
Me (11:56 AM 6/11) : Good. What's up?
Jake Black (11:57 AM 6/11) : Nothing. I miss you.
Me (11:58 AM 6/11) : I know jake. Im sorry. I miss you 2.
Jake Black (11:59 AM 6/11) : Will you come over tonight?
Me (11:59 AM 6/11) : I really want to. Im just swamped...Call you on my way home, k?
Jake Black (12:01 PM 6/11) : Ok.
Jake Black (12:22 PM 6/11) : Bella?
Me (12:25 PM 6/11) : Yes babe?
Jake Black (12:32 PM 6/11) : Nothing. I'll talk to you later.
I stared at the screen on my Blackberry, conflicted. My automatic response to Jake was to call, to talk to him, to be closer to him, but, I just couldn't focus on the issues we were having. Well, issues is kind of a strong word; I mean, Jake was great – that's what he does -be great. I, on the other hand, was floundering in the way of being a model girlfriend. My brain just wouldn't let me think past what was in front of me and getting this thing completed – hyper drive, productivity mode, if you will.
At the moment, I was waist-deep in a project with one of our biggest clients, who, in spite of Alice's and my best efforts, never really seemed satisfied. This campaign was becoming the fucking bane of my existence. Although I was still riding the wave of success from the Coleman account, thanks to Jake's emergence in my life and my new found creative boost, things like that were short-lived in Victoria's eyes.
Yeah, yeah; that's all fine and good, but, what have you done for me lately? You know how it is.
I hadn't really spent time with Jake in a week, let alone been naked with him. My easy-going creative job had turned into an 11-hour workday hell. My very active physical relationship had become a blur of drowsiness, and me bringing home files and working on this thing well into the night, with him staring at me longingly from across the room, or even in the bed next to me as I tapped away on my laptop.
I mean, really. I always want to have sex with Jake. How can I not? Any red-blooded woman would be hard-pressed to find a moment when that level of intimacy with this man wasn't a serious temptation, especially when he walked around in those tank tops, or dripping naked after a shower.
I was just fucking exhausted.
How many times did I have to fall asleep after an orgasm to really understand that something had to give? That shit was embarrassing. I'd passed out so suddenly, the next morning when my alarm went off, Jake joked that he had to check my pulse to make sure I was still alive and he hadn't broken anything.
That was Jacob, though. So understanding. So fucking patient. Always supportive. He knew I was doing this for us.
"Bella, when do you think you can have those changes complete?" Victoria threw her shock of red curls over her shoulder and pursed her lips, thoughtfully. She glanced from me to Alice, who was sitting beside me.
"Well, I can work with Mike to try and get something done by midday tomorrow." I peeked over at him for confirmation, and he nodded his head, tapping his pencil on the glass table and crossing his ankle over his left thigh.
"Good, good." Victoria nodded, lifting her slender wrist within her line of sight. "Okay, I have a 10 o'clock with Felix, and I'll fill him in on where you are with this."
I bobbed my head, as the group followed her lead, around the glass table and filed out of the conference room.
Mike was Director of Creative and an amazing talent in the company. Victoria knew well that he could be at any agency in Jacksonville – hell, Florida – and was hard pressed to keep him here at VolturiVolterra, for as long as humanly possible. So, when things weren't right, I became the whipping boy, even when it was creative that hadn't hit the mark. I'd have to hate the guy if he wasn't so damned nice and funny.
"You wanna grab lunch and meet in my office?" I asked, while rounding the corner toward the west side of the office. He grinned and glanced up at the metal wall clock.
"I'll be there in about an hour."
I flopped down in my desk chair, moving the mouse around and diving into the dozen or so emails that had built in my inbox during the short hour we'd been in that meeting. I was on four accounts: two of them major and another that thought it was. Catering to every whim, every change, every last-minute life-altering edit that just had to be made was grinding on my patience. I had been on the account side of Creative since I'd gotten out of undergrad. The longer I was here, the more I wondered if I'd want to try corporate without being to blindingly bored, out of my mind.
"Bella, we have that 2 o'clock with Zenitar. Can I get the brief they sent over, yesterday?" Alice appeared in front of me before I'd even noticed that she was in the room. I started looking through the stacks of papers and folders on my desk as she waited patiently, and then took a seat in the chair opposite me.
"'s Jake?" she asked, with a knowing grin.
"He's...he's..." I said, sighing, "He's amazing. It's me that's the problem, right now." She cocked her head, urging me to continue. I'd found the file and handed it to her. "This damn project, you know? I'm trying to get this thing done before we leave, and, well, it's kinda putting a cramp in our relationship."
"Yeah... Jazz is starting to complain, too, and you know him; he never complains about anything, like, ever."
"Right, and neither does Jake. So, I know, if he's telling me he needs me or he needs more time together, it's like, critical." She thumbed through the papers.
"Are they serious about this budget? They've got to be shitting me...." She closed the neon orange folder and shook her head. "Well, Bella, when you have a great guy like Jake, you have to make some sacrifices. But, if he wants you there in Paris with him, he's gotta know that you have to get this thing to a point where you and Victoria will be okay with you leaving the country."
I nodded, rubbing my neck and rolling my head about my shoulders. "He does, and he's being fucking awesome about this whole thing. I mean, it's not all him. I miss the hell out of him too."

"I'm cooking tonight." No salutation. No hello. His baritone made little room for me to say no. He was telling me to get my ass to his house.
"Oh, that sounds awesome, Jake." The corners of my mouth tugged upward and a chuckle played at the back of my throat. I knew full well that there was no way in hell I'd dare say no to him, at this point.
"You coming over?" It was more of a statement than a question. Still, he'd asked it, even though I was positive he already knew the answer. He paused, and the air between my ear, the phone, and his ear was palpable. My Jacob missed his Bells, and I knew it.
This was ridiculous. It was now pushing two weeks, and we hadn't had a civilized meal at the table. More often than not, I'd just grab whatever was still edible in my fridge and eat it in front of my computer on the couch. That, or I'd bring my work over his house, and work through the night. He'd hand me a plate of whatever awesome meal he'd worked on, I'd grunt my approval, and then unceremoniously continue my work as he sighed and left the room.
"Yeah, babe." I smiled, actually excited at the idea of us getting to spend some much-needed time together. It was Friday afternoon, and I was rocking out this project and getting it where I'd be more than okay with taking the evening off. "It's me and you tonight. No work, I promise."
"Great, I look forward to it. I'm making Seafood Paella." My mouth watered at the thought of him standing as sexily as he always did in front of his stove, so focused on his work. That, and his paella, which I'd learned was one of my favorite meals he'd ever cooked for me. He was really playing hardball with that stuff tonight.
"You're staying over, right?" Again, it was a statement – one that was more than a little suggestive. Of course I'd stay over. We weren't that far gone.
"Definitely. Maybe we can get breakfast in the morning."
Jake was a far better cook than I was. So, I'd learned to leave that up to him and the professionals. I'd gotten by on tacos and pasta for years until we'd met and I was introduced to a world of daily home-cooked meals. Yes, I'd gladly handed over the meal preparation reigns to him. I was a better baker, though; he'd fallen hard for my upside-down pineapple cake when I made it for him.
"Good. I can't wait. Now, how's work?"
"Work is work. You'd be proud of how much I'm getting done, though, babe."
"I bet." He chuckled – one of my favorite sounds in the world. "I know you've been working your ass off on this thing."
"You already know. I'm taking a fucking breather this weekend; I need a break."
"Well, perfect, then. Maybe we can go to the beach for a while, Sunday. The weather's supposed to be nice. Oh, and Kings of Leon are supposed to be having that free concert tomorrow night, at the park."
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. Yes, that'll be awesome. I'm so excited, babe. I know I've been fail, lately."
"It's okay, Bells. I know you gotta work now, so we can play later," he paused and let out a slow breath, "But, that doesn't mean you won't be making up for the last two weeks with me, tonight. So, get ready."
My eyes and thighs simultaneously squeezed shut at that thought. And I had to admit, I was ever more excited to get home to this man and the things he had planned for us. "Oh?"
"Most definitely," he assured me, confidently.
"Okay, I have to say, I'm looking forward to that." I grinned, noting I only had a couple of long hours to go before the end of the day. "And what about you? Am I gonna have you all to myself this weekend? I know you were working on that article."
"Yeah, my source rescheduled for early next week. He's flying into town on business, and I figured we may as well meet in person."
"Perfect. So, it's just me and you, then."
"Yep, just me and you," he reassured.
His door was cracked, just-so, and my heart leaped a little more. No matter how many times I saw that small gesture, it always excited me. He always excited me. It was just before 6 'o'clock and all I wanted to do was get out of my work clothes, into a shower, and next to Jacob and some good food. Oh, and a glass of wine would be awesome, as well.
"Baby..." He greeted me, covering my mouth with his, and pulling me tight against his hard body. I let myself get swept up in him for just a few moments, loving the familiar feel of his hands on me. I ran my hands over his back and shoulders, relishing the feel of his soft cotton t-shirt and the hard muscles beneath it. I felt him seconds later...really felt him and his excitement to see me there, and almost forgot my initial mission for the evening.
"Babe..." I attempted, but he ignored me. His hands ran over my hips and his fingertips just ghosted over the swell of my breast, through my shirt. I giggled as he began fiddling with the fly of my slacks. "
"Let me put my stuff down and get out of these clothes, okay?"
"Oh, no...No. I can do that here," he said, running his lips and teeth over the tender skin of my neck.
I laughed, again. "Is dinner ready?"
"No, it needs about another twenty..."
"Perfect. I'll be right back, okay?" Before he could respond, I was out of his reach and through the door. I called back, "Be right back Jake. I promise!"
As soon as I hit my living room, I began stripping out of those binding clothes. I hopped in the shower, letting the hot water beat against my body, and realizing the knots in my neck and back needed some attention. Maybe I could get Jake to help with that. I washed my hair, shaved and scrubbed all the important places, happy that in the midst of my busy schedule, I'd still made that oh-so important trip to get my wax and mani-pedi.
Yes, tonight would be one for the record books. I had been thinking of the things Jake had done to me, and to my body, and all the things we had yet to experiment with. I was getting worked up at the thought of his hands on me, his lips on my skin, and the feel of him under my fingertips. All the things I wanted to do to him...I knew I wanted more of him, wanted him to take control, even more than he already always did. I was ready.
It had been way too long.
I ran my Sonicare around my mouth while I looked for a particularly scandalous bra and panty set I'd just bought, but still hadn't had a chance to wear for him. Then, I threw on my favorite white linen pants, and a tank of some sort. After brushing on some mascara and Chapstick, trying my best to towel-dry my hair so it wasn't dripping wet, I figured I was ready – casual, but not a complete wreck.
"Right on time..." Jake said, when I re-entered his apartment. He had just set out a giant platter of rice, seafood and other yummy stuff, and a sliced baguette, before walking toward the fridge. I was in heaven. "White?"
"Yes, please," I said, with smile. He retrieved my favorite wine and began the ritual I'd learned to love watching so much: him slowly and practiced, easing the corkscrew into the top of the bottle, and sliding it out. This huge, very masculine, and undeniably sexy man, engaged in an action so delicate, so, cultured; it made me squeeze my thighs together even tighter. I was wound pretty damn tight, that night.
He handed me a large wine glass, nearly filled to the brim and wagged his eyebrows. "I figured you'd need a double after this week."
He flashed me a panty-melting smile, and then kissed me softly on the top of my head. I took a couple of long sips of the sweet liquid and relaxed at his kitchen table. He stood over me, plating mounds of food onto my plate, and placing a napkin and fork in my hand. He took his seat opposite me, and waited for me to taste before he touched anything, just like he always did. Ever the conscientious cook.
I scooped the rice mixture into my mouth and it was as delicious as I'd expected it to be. I chewed, swallowed, and then dove into my plate, glancing up to a grinning Jacob.
"It's perfect...amazing...couldn't be better...." I muttered through the mouthful of food. I put a manicured hand over my mouth to keep some resemblance of manners.
He laughed, contentedly, tilting his head back, and then taking a swig from his beer. Then, finally, he dug into his own food. After a few long moments of me shoveling this awesome meal into my face, I paused, finishing my glass of wine, just to have Jake fill it back up, again. I lifted a forkful and studied what I saw.
"So, like, what makes it yellow like that?" He finished chewing, and swallowed, drinking more from the glass bottle in front of him.
"That's the saffron. Makes everything bright yellow – that's that taste you can't quite place, too." he answered, a matter-of-factly. I looked at him intently as he continued stabbing away at pieces of chicken and shrimp, and sliding them into his mouth.
"Well excuse me...What are you? Like, Emeril now?" He laughed loud and almost choked, which set off a round of laughter between the two of us.
"Bells...I'd just like to say, you aren't that funny...You caught me off guard."
"Sure, sure," I teased. He gazed at me for a long moment, our eyes fixed on each other. I don't know if it was the wine, or the amazing food, or the way his white t-shirt hugged every inch of his perfect body, but I wanted him. Bad.
My bouncing knee wasn't lost on him, and, after he'd glanced down, quickly, and then back up at me, he raised an eyebrow and licked his lips – two gestures that set my body on fire in seconds, no matter how slight they were.
"So..." He cleared his throat, his eyes darting to his room for a millisecond, and then back at me. "I'll clear the dishes?"
I nodded a quick response, grabbing my glass and heading in the direction of his open bedroom door. I paused, briefly, leaning against the door frame and watching his back ripple in his movements. The way his bicep flexed when he ran his fingers through his hair...
I continued on to his room, rubbing my neck again, loosening the tie on my pants, and finishing off my wine.
"Let me help you with that..." His hands were on my shoulders in the next moment, rubbing steady circles into my muscles.
"Oh Jake..." I sighed, closing my eyes and letting him work his magic into my very rigid upper back.
"Bells... Babe, you're so tense," he continued. "Here, lay down; take your shirt off..."
I obeyed, and was in my bra and panties in what seemed like seconds, face-down on his amazingly comfortable bed, and soft down comforter.
"Sssss, Jake...yeah. Ow, right there." I mumbled through a daze of sleepiness and pleasure.
"Here?" He kneaded his thumbs into my shoulder.
"Mmhmm...." It felt so good. I felt my body slowly relaxing. All the stress I'd built up that week, everything resting in my shoulders, was gradually being pushed out of my body, all of it, and I was in ecstasy. I wanted to tell him to stop, that it felt way too good, and that he was making me sleepier and sleepier with every moment his hands were on my body, but my mouth wouldn't catch up to my brain. And, before I knew it....
It was morning.
I opened an eye, and then the other, squinting against the bright sun spilling in from the double doors that lead to his balcony.
It was fucking morning. It was morning and I'd fallen asleep on him.
This amazing, romantic, perfect night he'd planned, and I'd fallen asleep.
I glanced around the room, and then to the smooth mass of golden, red-brown skin spilling from under the white comforter and sheets beside me.
His chest rose and fell, steadily. His hair obstructed a good view of his face, but provided me with just enough to stare at the inherent beauty of this man.
I, like, really needed to make this up to him. I mean, he wouldn't be mad. He'd be understanding and all that, because that's my Jake, but I definitely needed to make this up to him.
My mind went through an array of I'm-sorries I could enact. I could make him a cake or, like, a pie. Yes, definitely a pie. He loved pecan pie, I could do one of those. My brain was racing as I sat up, watching his chest rise and fall.
...steady; those muscles rolling beneath his perfect, beautiful skin. Then, I knew.
I definitely knew. I eased as delicately toward him as I could, careful not to wake him. I slid, all the while enjoying the view of his perfect self. I slipped the heavy comforter from his body, until...

Fucking yes.
Thank you Jacob Ephraim Black for not wearing anything to bed last night. God...
Of course he was already almost completely stiff, which just made me even wetter than I was before now, simply from the thought of him. I seized him with my right hand and swiftly covered the length of him with my mouth. I took a full pass, about halfway down, and then back up to the head, before licking...licking... He stirred.
"Mmmm...Ssss..." Our eyes met as he watched me love him with my mouth; watched me lick the head of his cock and suck and lick...
"" He moaned, softly, his morning voice even deeper and huskier than usual. He lifted his head to watch me, but only for a moment before letting it fall back to the pillow. He was solid and hard in a few seconds, burying his fingers in my hair and guiding me up and down the length of him. Before long, his hips were involuntarily gliding towards and away from my awaiting mouth. "Shit..."
With his bottom lip firmly captured between his teeth, I knew we were almost there.
"Wait..." he whispered, lamely. He didn't want me to stop any more than I wanted to, but I felt his fingers tugging at the back of my head, sliding me up and off his rock hard cock with a slick pop. I licked my wet, swollen lips.
"Babe, what?" I asked, breathlessly. He lead me toward him, closer to his mouth, and crushed his lips to mine, sucking my tongue and lifting me onto his body, while tugging at my panties, trying to get them away from and off my body.
I quickly helped him slide them off of my hips and onto the floor, while he skillfully slipped the front hook of by bra loose, and immediately covered my nipples with his lips and tongue, sucking each one until I was whimpering and dripping wet for him.
Oh god...
What was he doing to me? ...and he wasn't even inside me yet.
He lifted my leg, so my knees were on either side of his body, straddling his very ready hardness. I rubbed just the head along my wetness, until we were both jumping out of our skin for this. I was so ready for him, beyond ready – we both were. That's when my phone vibrated from the floor, where I'd stupidly left it in my pants pocket. The shrill ringer made every inch of my body tense, and it was not stopping anytime soon.
"Are you fucking shitting me?" Jacob said, with a loud sigh. He was gripping my hips with every ounce of strength he had left in him. "Don't you answer that phone, Bella. On everything I am, don't you answer that phone," he growled.
"Jake, baby.... It's Victoria. I have to answer this; it must be important for her to call me this early on a Saturday." I struggled out of his hold, but he wasn't letting go of me without a fight.
"Bella, fucking call her back. This is important. This is what you need to be worried about," he responded, deathly serious. He nodded toward his cock, which was jutting proudly toward the ceiling.
"Jay... I'm sorry. I promise, let me just talk to her really quickly, and we can pick up where we left off."
He stared at me for a long moment. "Five minutes, Bella. Damnit. Five. Damn. Minutes."
"Okay, I will, babe. Five minutes." He looked at me seriously, again, and then released the death-grip he had on me. I hopped down, urgently searching for my cell, finally locating it, and hitting the green button.
"Hello? Victoria?"
"Yes, Bella. You need to get in the office. Zenitar is coming in on an emergency meeting. Clive has this big idea he needs to talk to the whole team about."
"Oh...okay." I swallowed, thickly. Fucking bitch... I looked at the clock; it was just past 9 AM. "I can get there by ten or so."
Jake sat straight up, at that little revelation, giving me a stare so cold, I was convinced the temperature in the room dropped a good twenty degrees. He shook his head fervently, as I pleaded with my eyes for him to forgive me.
"Okay, yeah. I'll be over in a bit. Yeah, okay. See you then." I finished with Victoria, and tossed the phone on the bed.
"Bella, don't do this."
"Jake, you know I have to, baby."
"You don't have to do a damn thing, Bella. First you fall asleep, again, and now this..." He was up and out of the bed in the next moment, every towering inch of him, looking like hot sex on a platter. He stalked forward, until he was standing inches from me.
"Jake, I'm so sorry, but you know how important this account is." I placed a hand on the center of his chest, and then kissed him there, tenderly .
He stood still as a statue. "Fine. But you know, I know all this is so you'll be able to come to Paris with me, and that's fine, but just know that this shit is wearing thin on my patience."
"I know," I whispered.
"Now, go ahead and handle your business, before I don't let you out of here." He gripped my ass firmly and I looked up at him; his gaze was straight ahead. I knew he was serious. So, I quickly gathered my clothes while he slid into his sweatpants, and then met me at the front door.
"I love you."
"I love you too," I replied, pressing my lips against his and taking my leave.

"What are you doing?"
I paused, wondering what the appropriate answer to this question was. I was at work, of course, working. The last thing Jake wanted to hear was that I was working, which, oddly, I knew he knew was the truth, already.
"Thinking about you," I said, sweetly. Yeah, that sounded pretty good, and, well, wasn't entirely inaccurate. I had been thinking of him the entire morning, since I'd left for work.
He'd made himself pretty scarce since Saturday morning; can't say I blamed him, at all. We spoke briefly, while I was at the office, and he'd gotten a couple friends together to go to the concert with him. He took a run on the beach that Sunday, and ended up staying the entire beautiful day, while I was held up in my office making yet another string of insane changes to the planned billboards and online ads.
"Liar." His chuckle drifted through my receiver, sounding like warm honey.
It was Monday, and I'd managed to work the whole weekend. We never did pick up where we left off, and I was growing restless. It was one thing to just be too tired to be with Jake, but not having the time to was an entirely different issue. I felt deprived.
"What makes you think that? I think about you all the time," I countered.
"Oh, do you now?"
"Definitely." My breath caught at the thought of him dripping wet with sweat as he ran through our neighborhood, or above me, dripping streams from his chest onto my breasts and abdomen. That was always something I'd go back to when I couldn't be with him on shit weekends like this one. Then, I wondered what he was wearing at the moment – maybe a certain black t-shirt that made his body look amazing. Maybe nothing at all, which was always optimal.
"Hmm. Well, since Bella thinks about me all the time, I think you need to come see me." It was just before 11am and I was headed into another meeting with Victoria and Mike. Luckily, my ass was still intact and she was actually happy with my work over the weekend, so I prayed this one wouldn't run too long.
I had no focus for work today and, of course, I couldn't help myself. My thoughts flashed to what they always did when I was alone – Jake. This time, it recalled a late night with us walking along the beach. It had to have been around 2 a.m. and we'd spent the day together, swimming, and laughing, and drinking on the sand. We walked back toward our building...

I laughed, poking him in his side, and then running as fast as I could under the dock. Certainly, I was no match for him, and, before I knew it, he had me pinned against one of the wooden pillars. He was breathless and laughing, as well, his hair windswept and chest heaving and glistening in the moonlight. I linked my fingers behind his neck and pulled his mouth to mine, kissing him with every ounce of passion I had in me. I wanted him, right then.
Jake pulled away, slightly, glancing around, sweeping his eyes along the beach; we were alone. I dropped my hands and slipped them into the waistband of his board shorts, loosening them as he placed rough kisses and sucks along my neck. The bottoms of my bikini were tiny and barely there, anyway, and he eased them off, shielding my body with his, and sliding my top to either side.
"Mmmm..." He moaned, quickly gliding into me...
"Jake..." I protested, coming back to the conversation, though I really couldn't think of a reason to. This had to happen, and soon.
"Bella..." he mocked, "fake a stomach flu and meet me at the Omni downtown." He began rattling off the address to me before I'd even agreed to this foolishness. I had to admit, though, it was kind of exciting.
"You're crazy, you know that?"
"I do, and you love it. Meet me in about fifteen; it should take you about that long to get here. I just got done with my interview, and I'm starving." I paused, weighing the various negative endings to me leaving so early. When I couldn't find one bad enough to make me stay – well, besides being fired, and I knew that wasn't happening at this point – I started to plan my escape.
I had no fucking idea how I'd get out of this meeting. Maybe a serious illness? I wasn't even sure the whole flu thing would work with Victoria, unless there was, like, real evidence. I looked through the thin glass just to the left of my closed office door. The troops were circling, marching toward the conference room. I had to think fast.
"Okay?" He sounded hopeful and satisfied, which in turn made me happier than I'd been in a while.
"Yes, okay. I'll meet you there. It may take longer than fifteen, though," I informed, laughing.
"Well, hurry up. I have something for you."
"You do, do you?" Renewed, I reached deep for my best actress.
Think sick, Bella. Very sick, so sick, I must go to the doctor. 'I've been fighting nausea all morning' sick.

"I do. I think you'll like it a lot."
"Mmmm, I bet I will..." I purred.
He chuckled, again. Then, in the sexiest voice, he urged me, "Call me when you're on your way. I'll be by the bar. You want me to wait until you get here, and we can both get something to eat?"
"No, no. You eat. There's no telling how long this will take with Victoria. You'll die of hunger waiting on me."
I spotted him, casually seated in the posh hotel restaurant, looking so sexy in a collared shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of slacks. He was chatting with an attractive brunette with a stylish haircut, and, from the looks of things, she was definitely interested in my Jake. I couldn't help but be a little jealous, but tried my best to tamp down the errant feelings. He made me feel crazy and the thought of another woman touching my Jake was maddening.
At that thought, I quickened my pace toward the bar. He smiled at the woman, glanced toward the door, and stood as soon as our eyes met. Then he placed a few bills on the bar for the waiter, and politely excused himself. He strolled toward me, taking me tenderly by the elbow, and led me back into the massive lobby area.
"Come on..." he said, softly but firmly. My heels clicked quickly in secession behind his measured stride, and I felt the excitement bubbling up inside me.
Where was he taking me? Where were we going? To a hotel room? It really didn't matter, at all, at this point. We were together, finally, and I'd gotten a day (and possibly week) medical leave pass. I think my acting skills were a little too good, after even Alice asked me if she could give me a ride to the hospital. I called her just as I was dropping my car off with the hotel valet, assuring her I was totally fine but to cover for me if anyone asked about my whereabouts.
The Omni was gorgeous; definitely one of the nicest hotels I'd ever been in. I let him lead me to the hall of mahogany doors, and then onto the elevator. It was midday, so, the place was pretty empty, to my surprise and delight. He pressed the polished brass number 2 button, and then stood opposite me, knowingly. After a few moments, he pulled me closer to him, placing a long kiss on my lips, and running his palms up my sides.
"You look amazing." He dragged his eyes over my body, in my wrap dress, lingering at my cleavage. The electricity passed between us, as I smelled the delicious mixture of clove, fresh air, and him. Just as I was sure we were going to devour each other in that small public space, the elevator dinged and he lead me off, into a marble-paved corridor. We finally stopped at the end of the hall, Jake looked around quickly, and then guided me through the large door.
The conference room was gorgeous and had a view of Jacksonville that took my breath away. My gaze out of the wall-length window was short-lived, though, as Jake tugged me closer to him. He bit and sucked along my neck and collarbone. I moaned, craning my head, digging my fingers into his hair.
Before I knew it, my dress was untied and hanging from my shoulders, and I was panting against his mouth on my nipples through my bra. He licked each one, biting softly, and sucking them into his hot mouth.
"I couldn't wait..." he mumbled against the curve of cleavage, pressed against white lace. His hands where all over me, all at once – my back, my thighs, in my hair – and I'd almost forgotten how good this man felt when he was touching me.
"Shit..." I whispered, pulling his shirt from his slacks and unbuckling his belt. My fingers made quick work of getting those buttons undone. "Damnit..." He'd worn an undershirt. I pulled his shirt off his shoulders and onto the floor, roughly followed by the tight tank top. "Is...Is anyone coming in here?" I was suddenly sobered by a sound in the hallway, and the very real chance that we'd be caught naked. He barely answered me.
"No, no, we're good...." he tried to assure me.
He pressed his fingers between my legs, rubbing my clit through the dampened fabric, and then pulled them to the side, and slid into me. I tried my best to stifle the moans brought on by his thick fingers, gliding purposefully inside me. I was so wet, so fucking ready. I refused to believe he was about to make me cum this fast, this quickly, and he'd barely even touched me. I was just so damned worked up, and he looked so fucking good. I ran my fingers through his hair, gripping tightly at the roots, as he finger-fucked me closer to my orgasm.
"Damnit Jake... Fuck..." I brought his mouth to mine, trying to concentrate on getting his pants undone, but my damn brain was completely focused on his fingers and what they were doing to me. I finally loosened them and pulled him free, stoking his hardness, following his movements, as he pressed his fingers roughly into me. He quickly pulled them from me and sucked and licked my wetness from his fingers.
"I missed that so much..." he murmured, yanking my panties off in one quick motion, and sliding them into his pocket. He pushed me against the wall, and then pressed his palms between my thighs, widening my stance and glancing down. "Bella...those fucking shoes..."
I chuckled, rubbing my hand up his ribcage, never stopping the stroking with right hand. I'd worn my secret weapon – the sexy secretary, fuck-me-then-sign-off-on-this-budget-Mr. Black specials. "You like?"
He growled, sliding my dress completely off. "I love."
My bra was off, next, and I lifted my leg onto a close-by chair. Jake pressed his lips against mine, and then helped me guide his cock into me in a smooth stroke. He sighed and I moaned, as he grabbed my ass with one hand, and pressed a palm against the wall for leverage, grinding into me.
" feel so good, baby..." he whispered, pressing into me harder and sucking and biting my neck. I dug my nails into his waist, pulling him harder, needing to feel him even more inside me. He felt so good, we felt so indescribable together, that I could barely keep centered.
He was so beautiful, so focused on me and our bodies. I felt every thick inch of him as he bent his knees, grinding upwards so deeply, I thought he might have lifted me from where I stood if I weren't wearing heels. He tightened his jaw, closing his eyes for a moment, then looked at me, forcing me to see what he was doing to me.
"Oh baby...oh babe. Shit..." I ground out, "...feels so good..."
"Damnit..." he whispered, and all in one lithe movement, he grabbed the outside of my thighs and I was off the ground.
He caught me off guard, but I never stopped rolling my hips against him. I couldn't; he felt so damn good, and, as he held me firmly, I knew I wasn't far from cumming. I hissed, feeling him even further inside me as I rode him, tightening my thigh muscles and pressing my pussy harder against him. He sat in the chair, hooking his hands under my arms and over my shoulders, pressing me harder onto him, grinding into me, pushing his thick cock inside me.
"Oh Bella...fuck babe..." His beautiful face grimaced as I scooped my hips upward with each thrust, letting him feel every fraction of me just like I was feeling him. He pulled me tighter against him, tilting my body just-so, and I felt it stirring. Through the wetness and the pressure, I felt myself cumming on top of him.
Oh god.
It was so good, I couldn't form another word. Instead, I panted out a long moan and something that was supposed to be his name, as my body tensed and stiffened and squeezed his hardness. I vibrated around him until I could barely move. It was so fucking amazing, my body seized, everything contracted, my fingers digging into his back, my thighs against the frame of the chair, my eyes shut, everything snapped closed, and I just felt him. I felt the wetness; I felt him still thrusting into me, whispering, and cooing, and murmuring sweet things in my ear as I came... and came...
My Jake.
"Hey... Babe...You okay?" He panted, genuinely concerned, but still not stopping his thrusts into me.
I chuckled as my body jerked, again. "Shit, yes..."
"Mmmm....good...." He moaned, clutching my hips with more force. After I'd finally stopped shaking, he stood, still deep inside me, my legs dropped, and we were standing opposite each other. He continued gripping my hips, stroking me....up and down.
I could feel him in every part of my body, along my skin. He slowly eased out of me and ran his fingers through his hair. Then he kissed my shoulder, backing me against the shiny polished wood conference table, and turned me around. I instinctively spread my legs, already feeling his hands around my waist, squeezing and kneading. I looked behind me as he placed hot kisses across my back, grabbing his still rock hard cock, bending his knees, and then sliding into me.
Oh god.
It was too much, too good. I wanted to run. He was so much sensation, so much of him stretching and reaching.
He moaned. I grunted and jerked forward as he drove into me with enough force to make my toes curl. With whatever focus I could muster, I pushed back against him, attempting to balance on my heels as best I could. I wanted him to feel me. I wanted to feel him, even more.
He clasped my hips hard, plunging into me and ordering me in his sexy tenor, telling me to keep my legs spread, or to arch my back more so he could get a better look at my ass. He leaned forward, over me, with his chest completely covering my back and his palms on the table in front of me. Every inch of him drove into my body.
"Bells, ba...." He was gonna cum. I knew it from the rhythm and the force of his stroke. I wanted to hang. I wanted to keep going with him for the rest of the afternoon and night, but fuck if he wasn't beating the hell out of my body.
When he rested his forehead against my back, still thrusting deeply, still squeezing my hips and waist for dear life, I knew he was finally falling over the edge. He licked his fingers and rubbed my clit until I was panting and whining; until I was grinding myself unabashedly against his hand and cumming again. I felt the gush soak his palm and he moaned so loudly, I was afraid someone would come in to the room. Then sank his teeth into my shoulder blade.
"Ah...ahh...shit!" I moaned. The mixture of pleasure and the sharp pain was intoxicating, something I knew I liked from the spankings he'd give me from time to time when we were in this very position. But, this...This was something else altogether.
"Fuck... Fuck... Shit..." he muttered and moaned a long string of expletives into my back and the back of my head, where his face was now buried.
We stood there for a few more minutes, neither of us moving, and him still deep inside me, semi-erect. Finally, he slid out of me, bent to retrieve my dress and bra, handing them to me, and then pulling up his boxer-briefs and slacks.
"So..." he parroted, sliding into his tank and buttoning his dress shirt. I chuckled as I tied my dress, feeling the damp breeze between my legs. I'd have to learn to bring more underwear when Jake was in the general vicinity.
"Wanna head back to my house?" I offered, gathering my purse and running a brush through my hair.
He cocked his head to the side with a shit-eating grin. "Well... Remember that surprise I had planned?"
I looked at him, warily. "Yeah..."
"Well, I got us a room, for the next couple days. I figured you'd have some time and might need a change of scenery."
"Jake... What the hell? You have a room in this amazing hotel, and we're fucking in a conference room?"
He shrugged, sheepishly. "Bells... Where's your sense of adventure?"
I looked at him, with that fucking dimple, and I melted into a puddle. Then, I let him lead me to our seventh floor suite.
We had a lot of catching up to do.
A/N - Hey, hey now...sorry for making you wait so long, but, it was worth it in the end, wasn't it? I thought this situation was pretty believable with two ambitious career-minded people trying to get together in the same space when they're both busy. I hope you enjoyed.
...If you didn't, you can blame my beta, Kay Cannon, for being a slave driver, and forcing me to build UST. I personally like to get right to the lemons. I like mine quick and dirty *shrugs*
Shout out to Team Evil, a group of h00rs who always give me inspiration to keep my smut-peddling business successful.
Thank you all for your support; I'm so happy you're enjoying the story so far; it's a lot of fun to write! Oh! And a special shout out goes to Luv4Jake, the only reader to catch the Janet Jackson video theme of the story. You win a prize...inquire within -mngmnt
Until next time...

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