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The Neighbor - Chapter 4 - Slow Ride

Chapter 4: Slow Ride
"Holy shit Bella." Alice sure had a way with words.
"Yeah…" I blinked, glancing around at the busy walkway and pushing the last of my French fries around the red and white-checkered paper nestled in a plastic basket.
Today was just as hot as it always was during Jacksonville summers. The only relief was the briny cool breeze blowing against us, sending my hair whipping to the left of me, as we sat at the worn wooden table. The ocean made me feel so at peace, even in the middle of the fairly busy boardwalk.
"So, like, you're just gonna go?" she asked, incredulously, sucking a glob of ketchup off her thumb and taking another bite of her soy burger. I glanced at a shirtless in-line skater approaching, and I immediately thought about Jake and how he always favored running shirtless, especially on days like this. I needed him so badly, and I hadn't even been away from him for three hours. I nodded, raising my eyebrows and shrugging.
"You've got WAY more balls than I ever gave you credit for, there, B. I gotta say, I'm kinda proud."
"Gee, thanks, Alice." I scratched my upper arm and lifted the fallen strap of my tank top back onto my shoulder. I wondered what Jake was doing, at that moment. And I wondered if he'd be willing to cook dinner that night, and, well, what he was wearing. I hoped it wasn't much.
"No problem," she said, smugly, totally ignoring my blatant sarcasm. "Now, you know I have to meet this guy. This is fucking ridiculous, Bella. It's been, what, almost two months? I'm starting to get a little offended. If I had lower self-esteem, I'd actually be hurt that Jazz and I haven't met this guy."
"Okay, okay," I pushed back, "You'll meet him."
"When, Isabella?" She dropped her burger and stared at me with those blue eyes as the wind tousled her already messy hair, making it look even cooler without her really trying. As if she heard my thoughts, she ran her fingers through the front, mussing it. The, she frowned.
"Let's have dinner; all of us. We can go to that new Thai restaurant off Southside Boulevard." I hadn't seen Jasper in ages, and Alice was chomping at the bit to take a look at Jake. She hadn't let up about him, and, now that I was leaving the country with him, she'd have all the more ammo to force this meeting on us. Alice nodded her satisfaction.
"Perfect! And, just think of it this way: if you end up like Natalee Holloway, or something, at least I've gotten a good look at the guy." She chuckled.
"God, Ally, you sure know how to ruin a wet dream, don't you?" I rolled my eyes, wiping my hands on a napkin and sipping the last of my Diet Coke.
She shrugged with a grin. "I know, I know. Sigh. It's a gift."
We'd barely made it out of the house.
When Jake opened the door, wearing those jeans...
And that shirt…
His hair was freshly washed and slightly tousled, the way it always was when I ran my fingers through it. We were supposed to be getting ready. We were supposed to meet Alice and Jasper at the restaurant in a half hour and it took fifteen minutes just to get there. We didn't have time for this – not at all. But I felt the pull, the need to touch him, and the ache to have him touch me.
Jake drug his eyes over my body, hungrily. This was not the dress of someone not planning to get fucked.
I had carefully planned this dress to get fucked and fuck him.
He cocked an eyebrow and licked his lips, stopping his gaze at my royal blue cotton-covered nipples.
"You..." He swallowed. "You're not wearing a bra."
I gasped, almost audibly. Five words... Five fucking words and I was on my back, atop his couch, with the dress pushed downward to my waist and upward exposing my thighs. His mouth was on me, hot and heavy, and I knew that, if he kept licking and sucking my nipples like that, I would cum and he hadn't even touched the wetness between my thighs.
I moaned, arching my back, pushing my body toward his mouth, and urging him on with my fingers in his hair. He roughly shoved my panties to the side and pushed his middle and index fingers into me, his mouth never leaving my nipples.
"Fuck..." I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut in the dim darkness of his living room. I instinctively began clawing at his shirt, trying to force it up and over his shoulders. Just as I began working on the fly of his jeans, my phone's shrill ring broke the rhythm of our quiet pants and measured movements.
"Dammit!" Jake sighed, sitting back as I maneuvered under him, and then rose to reach for the phone which was nestled in a side pocket of my purse.
"Heh—Hello?" I was still panting and breathless from Jake's hands and mouth on my body.
"Hey babes. Jazz and I are leaving, now. We should get there in about ten." Alice smiled through the phone.
"Great." My voice was a strained murmur, as I tried to ignore Jacob who was now licking his fingers and lips. "We're about to leave now, too."
I pleaded with him, with my eyes. He'd have to sustain the willpower for the both of us, that night, because I had none. One more touch and we'd have to stand Alice and Jasper up.
"Okay, then..." he said, running his hand through his hair, effectively causing his bicep and the muscles of his chest and abdomen to flex, unconsciously. This simple gesture was almost my undoing. I was about to make the decision for us both. "I guess we'd better head out then." It was way more of a question than any form of statement of declaration.
"Yeah, Jake. Alice is gonna kill me if we don't get going. Come on." I rose, urging him to follow my lead. In ten minutes, Jake was dressed, again (which, really, seemed like a sin,), and I was in his bathroom trying my hardest to calm myself, because I was beyond wet and hot, and worked up.
"Bells?" he called to me, from his spot on the arm of the couch. "We better get going"
"Jake, you say that like this isn't your fault." I said with feigned indignace.
"Bella, really…? You came here in that." He pointed to the tight knee-length dress. "…without a bra and wearing these." He lifted my string thong, hanging it from one of his long fingers. "What the hell was I supposed to do?" I chuckled, attempting to grab the black lace from his hand, but, he snatched it away before I got the chance. "Uh, uh, Miss Swan," he said, shaking his head, "these are mine now."
His grin was a mile wide, as he tucked them into his front pants pocket.
Alice raised an eyebrow as she saw me enter minus Jacob in tow.
"Relax, Ally. He's finding a spot for the car. The parking's pretty shitty around here." I readjusted my purse, as Jasper smiled his slow smile and gave me a hug.
"Hey, Bella Always good to see you." His southern twang was like a warm Texas summer. "It's been too damn long."
"I know, I know! Where the hell has Alice been hiding you away?"
"I totally agree...You're looking great, as usual. That color looks amazing on you, by the way."
"Hey, hey, you two. You're just gonna flirt like that, right in front of me?" she joked, with her tiny hands on her hips. She shifted her weight in her platform sandals that still only put her at about five foot three.
I chuckled, patting Jasper on the arm. "Okay, fine, fine. I actually think I see Jake coming anyway."
Alice's attention was immediately on the front door, as Jacob made the breathtaking entrance he always seemed to make without much effort; it was actually pretty hard not to stop and stare. Alice's eyes widened for a millisecond, and then darted to me, as the right side of her mouth curved into a mischievous smirk.
"Christ on a cracker, Bella...." She breathed. softly, taking the full view in as Jake sauntered over and stood next to me. She stepped, forward with an outstretched palm. "Jacob, so nice to finally meet you."
"Same here, Alice. Bella talks about you all the time. Glad to finally meet you." He smiled, cordially, softly shook her hand, then turned to Jazz.
"Jasper, right?"
"Yeah, man. Nice to meet you." Jasper took his hand and slapped him on his back. The boys began chatting, almost immediately, and my eyes stayed trained on Alice, waiting on her first comments about Jacob directed at me. She quickly sized him up, taking inventory of his clothing and hair and, well, his face and his body. As coolly as I'd ever seen it, and far too covert for Jasper to ever catch, Alice's eyes darted to me, and then back to her fiancé, in a quick motion, as she gave me the thumbs up.
Guess that meant she approved. She cleared her throat, and then said, in her little tinkle of a voice, "Okay kiddies. Enough with the pleasantries. Let's get a seat and get some food, 'cause Mama is hungry."
Two bottles of wine later, Alice and I were buzzed something serious, as Jake and Jasper kept us laughing. Jake explained his job and, because Jasper was a graphic designer, it seemed we all had the creative job thing in common. I was incredibly happy that Jake was getting along so seamlessly with my best friend and her fiancé. Their easy banter made it feel like we'd all been friends for years, and I could tell Alice liked him, which was a relief. Just by the questions she asked him, the periodic glances in my direction after he'd said something funny or profound, and the twinkle in her eyes when she'd catch me looking at him, I knew he'd won her over.
I don't know if it was the wine, Jake's smile and easy laughter, or our time in his apartment before we left, but I was wound up tighter than skin on a drum and I needed him to relieve some of the tension in my body. My leg was bouncing, crazily, under the table and Jake looked at me knowingly, placing a stilling palm on my knee.
"Don't worry. baby, I'll have something for you in a sec, okay?" he whispered, suggestively, kissing me softly on my neck. This did absolutely nothing to calm my nerves, if anything, my body ached more for him and the possibilities of what would come later that evening. We'd only been together once that day – just before breakfast – and I needed another fix of him.
The once busy restaurant slowly emptied as the hours ticked by and, before long, our group was one of only two left there. The busboys cleared the last of the tables around us. We'd long since paid of dinner and were really just sitting around shooting the shit, which was something I really hadn't done in a long time.
"Well, I guess that's our cue?" Jasper said, with a smile. He finished off his beer and stood to help Alice out of her chair, ever the gentleman. Jake smiled.
"Yeah, I guess so. You about ready, Bells?" I nodded, gathering my belongings as Jake ushered me out the door with his hand on my lower back.
"Well, Jake, it was great meeting you." Alice breathed, with a smile, and wrapped her arms around Jasper's waist.
Jacob nodded. "Yes it was – meeting both of you. We have to do it again; maybe before we leave for France?"
"Sounds awesome." Jasper clasped Jake's hand in his and we finished our goodbye, with promises to meet in the following two weeks. Though, I'd see Alice that Monday at work.
"I think they like you," I mused, as Jake tucked me into his side, strolling toward where he'd parked about a half-block from the restaurant.
"Well, I like them too. Thank you for inviting me."
We finally reached Jake's blue Tahoe Hybrid, and he walked me to the passenger side, just as he always did. I looked up at him through my eyelashes, still feeling the slightly lingering effects of the red wine flowing though my body, urging me to act.
"So..." I exhaled, linking a finger through one of his belt loops and pulling him toward me. "You said you have something for me?"
He stepped forward, pressing my body against the cool exterior of his truck, and looking at me for a long moment. He dipped his head, his hair brushing across my face until I was allowed the fresh scent of his shampoo, which always made my mouth water. He paused, his mouth just inches from my lips, and then cocked his head. "Here?"
I looked quickly around, at the quiet suburban street. It was nearing 2 a.m., and there wasn't a person in sight. His eyes darkened as he pushed his body even closer to mine, pressing his lips against my neck and mouth, exploring me until I was panting and begging.
His hands gripped my waist firmly. Then, he cupped the curve of my ass and I felt myself dampening between my panty-less legs. He pulled his lips away and I almost whimpered, needing to have his mouth on me, almost instantly. He followed my lead, glancing around, as well. Following, and without waiting for an answer, he opened the back door.
"Get in."
I obeyed, climbing up and sliding across the tan seat, with Jacob close behind. Once he'd slammed the door shut, we came together, lips and hands and body pressing hard and fast against each other. Jake pulled my dress to my waist, again, quickly covering my breasts with his lips and hands, and at that moment I was so happy that he had tinted windows.
"Oh my god..." I moaned, as I heard the soft suction his fingers brought by pumping in and out of me frantically. My hands were in his hair in the next moment, tugging and kneading, having to grip something – anything – as every part of me was alive and focused on his hands slipping in and out of me.
"I want to taste you...." he whispered into my neck. I felt the wetness surge more, as the bass in his voice kissed me like only he could.
"Jake, please, later, please...just..." My hands where on the button and then zipper of his jeans, forcing them open and pushing them passed his hips. As much as I'd love his face between my thighs right then, I wanted him inside me even more. I released his already solid erection from his boxer briefs, forcing a sigh of relief from his lips. He pulled me toward him, gripping my thighs and lifting me onto his lap.
I gripped him in my palm, loving the weight and thickness of him that always excited me, and straddled his thighs, sliding myself onto him slowly.
"Oh Jake, baby..." I moaned, slowly sliding onto him, feeling him stretching and filling me. I gripped the seat for leverage, pausing for just a few moments so we could mutually enjoy this moment of connection, because it always felt so amazing. He wrapped an arm around my waist, cupping my breast with his right hand, and his eyes squeezed tightly closed.
I was so ready, so wet, and excited, I rode him quickly at first, needing to cum so badly. He felt so good so deep inside me, and, the more I wound my hips and rode the full length of him, the closer I was to cumming all over him.
"...Oh god, Bella… Shit," he whispered, gripping onto my waist and hip, pulling me toward him rhythmically.
"Shit, Jake, I'm about to cum..." I hissed, digging my nails into his shoulders. "You feel so good, you're gonna make me cum so fast...shit...I'm sorry..."
", I need you to cum for me. Can you do that?" he pleaded, clinging to my shoulders as I bounced and ground along the length of him. He sounded so good, his moans pushed me over the edge, and I felt my orgasm rolling deep inside me with every forward stroke he pulled me into. The begging and whining replaced the conversation between us as I came on him in waves. I felt the wetness pool over his cock and onto his lap as I clenched and clenched. The moans escaped, as he still pumped into me, even after my orgasm had subsided.
"Dammnit..." he gasped and I knew he was close. I forced him onto his back, along the length of the seat, placing both palms on his chest and bobbing and arching, deeply. It started out as another position to get him off, just like he'd just done for me, but, as he licked his fingers and started rubbing my clit, I felt the orgasm stirring again. I was wholly overwhelmed.
"Oh Jake...Oh babe..." I whimpered, pressing my palm against the cool glass window, while clutching the back of the seat with the other. He was gonna make me cum, again. I was sure of it.
"Come on Bells, baby, cum for me, again," he choked out, still trying to hold on for me.
"Fuck...fuck!" I screamed as I gushed over him, once more, siding and grinding and riding, slickly, as he dug his fingers into my hips, pushing and pulling me, using my body. He seized my hair at the scalp, pressing his hand into my hip, and biting his lower lip. He burrowed his spread heels into the seat, and the other onto the carpeted truck floor, lifting me with a few more thrusts, until he was pulsing and cumming inside me.
My heart was soaring. His chest was heaving in and out, as beads of sweat formed on his brow, and the windows of truck fogged a little more.
"...I know, right?" He groaned as I slid upwards and off his semi-erect wet cock and straightened my dress.
"You staying at my place tonight?" Jake asked, sitting up, pulling his jeans over his hips, and zipping them.
"You want me to?"
"I always want you to," he said, easily, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
"Can I have more of that?" I asked, with a smirk, gesturing downward.
"Can I have more of this?" he said, cupping my damp pussy.
"You can have as much as you want," I replied, with a slow smile.
"Good. Now, let's get you home before someone calls the cops on us," he joked, helping me out of the back seat and into the passenger side.

A/N – This was so much fun to write. I mean, it IS Anytime, Anyplace, right?
Thanks go out to my beta Kay Cannon for her very strong opinions on some points of this chapter; as always, she has helped me tremendously with this. Also, Kennedymommy3, who is fast becoming my own personal one-man hype team.
FYI, as much as I love Jake, Bella, and The Neighbor, this story will not be updated as frequently as The Man In Me or Stealing Forever (which are both bi-weekly.) So, unless I get a wild hair to update more frequently, you should expect a new chapter once every 3 weeks.
As always, I am so happy you've stopped to read this chapter. I want to thank all the folks who read, review, save, fav and rec all my stories. You make it all worth it.
Hold on to your hats ladies; it gets better, wetter, and hotter next chapter.
Until then…

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