Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Neighbor - Chapter 3 Weekend Outtake

For those who want a little more insight into THAT weekend with Bella and Jake. You know - the one where they barely left Jacob's bed for 3 days straight? Yeah. That one. Here's a quick little outtake written for my dear friend and beta, Kay Cannon's birthday:

Him, lying there, his sienna skin dewy from the work of the last hour was...amazing.
I wanted to take a break, to give my body some time to relax, but everything in me told me to stay and watch the rise and fall of his chest.
He was so beautiful.
I wanted so much more of him, I wanted him inside me again, and it had barely been thirty minutes.
Jacob had drifted off, and god, as much as I wanted to, I couldn't blame him.
This was insane.
We were insane.
We had to stop at some point.
We had to breathe at some point.
But, I didn't want to.

For the last 16 hours, if we were awake, we were coupled.
The rain wouldn’t let up, which, for some reason, I couldn’t help being comforted by. As long as the rain fell, it reminded me of our time together.
Of this weekend.
I would always remember this weekend as one of rain and passion.
I watched him, waiting for his eyes to re-open, but, after several moments, I realized he had earned his rest.
Padding to his bathroom, I caught sight of myself, which, rightly startled me, but, then, I welcomed it.
Hair amiss.
Face bright red.
Light bite marks and bruises on the pale skin of my neck and breast.
Skin covered in a light sheen of sweat that matched the beautiful man lying in bed.
I searched for one of his ice-white towels and started the hot shower, the firm spray a welcome patter against my body.
The lather spread over my body, I was so deep in thought, remembering the last orgasm he'd exorcised from my body. It was the strongest of the night, and I it scared the shit out of me. That level of pleasure and release and clenching just...
I didn’t know if I could handle it.
My body shook violently, and he cooed and whispered to me, pulling me further, longer, holding my hips steady as he drove into me rhythmically.
I lathered shampoo through my hair, thankful that he'd been thoughtful enough to buy my favorite brand, turning the dial just a little hotter, and the feel of the streams of  water massaging my scalp felt orgasmic. I closed my eyes, and just felt...
...arms circling my waist.
Warm arms - even in the scalding shower - pressing my body closer to his.
I couldn't suppress the moan that escaped my lips.
A roll of bass rumbled in his chest as his palm spread across my abdomen, the other, sliding over my neck, tilting my head for better access for his lips. He kissed a path to the nape of my neck, tossing my long hair over my shoulder.
He was here.
He was pressing himself into my lower back, thick and solid.
My body was already responding, already alive and raw with sensation.
I wanted him inside me.
I was tender and ragged and had had enough of him to last a lifetime, but I wanted him again.
I wanted to feel his skin under my fingertips.
I wanted to taste him again.
His body wash and cloth where in my hands in the next moment, and I was lathering circles, rubbing slowly, lovingly, against his body and he moaned.
It was small, but it was there, and his heavy-lidded gaze darkened.
"Bella...." he murmured, bending to press his full lips against mine, and I melted into him.
He pressed my back against the shower wall gracefully, gripping my thigh and lifting my foot onto the small step, bending slightly. He gripped his very apparent erection firmly and rubbed it softly against my clit before sliding into me.
It was so familiar.
Achingly familiar, and delicious.
I moaned his name, pressing my forehead into his chest, then leaning my head against the wall and just feeling...
Feeling him press further into me, so deep, so focused and sure.
Feeling his body press against mine, his hips grinding in rhythm, as my own followed him.
Feeling his hand grip the curve of my waist, leading me firmly but gently.
"Jacob..." It came out as a declaration and cry and prayer.
He continued, snaking his arm around my waist and bending deeper, stilling my hips, pushing into me.
I felt my body alive with his thrusts, and I knew it as sure as I knew I was in love with this man, that he was making me cum.
He grunted something incoherent as he pressed his mouth against my neck and lifted the bend of my knee into his forearm.
It came unexpectedly.
I thought I was still a few more thrusts away, but, as he shifted my body just-so, I fell over the edge.
Trembling, and moaning, and calling his name and calling out to god.
His hips continued their rhythm against mine, and, because I knew his body almost as well as I knew my own, I knew he wasn’t even close to finishing.
He paused to turn the water off, lifting me easily around his waist and leading us back into his bedroom.
He had opened the doors to his balcony and the breeze let in the most amazing briny rain scent, swirling about the room, letting in the beach and the smell of summer.
My back was against his king mattress, my thighs parted for him, and this was where I needed to be.
With this man, like this.
He needed to know how he made me feel.
He needed to know that with each passing day, that I was falling.
He was my love, and my temptation.


  1. OMG!!! I can't wait for more. That was HOT!

  2. OMG i love this story so much. Please please please update soon!!!


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