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Chapter 6 - The Neighbor - Click

Chapter 6: Click


Alarm woke me.

It always woke me. I never had any real reason for one, and, for a brief moment there, I'd forgotten where I was and why the damn thing was going off. There were reasons why I'd chosen the job I had – waking late being one of them.

Muttering to myself, I felt around for the snooze, not at all able to open my eyes and thanking God for the blackout curtains I'd gotten for the room. While the floor-to-ceiling balcony doors were pretty awesome, especially in the summertime, that shit sucked pretty bad if I wanted to sleep in.

Which tended to be always.

There was movement, a rustle, then a dissatisfied moan. I felt fingers search around, followed by various expletives.

This was a Monday morning ritual.

Our Monday morning ritual. Well, one that I'd been drug into, anyway. If I didn't slam the snooze button, she always did.

I wrapped my fingers tightly around the very feminine wrist that crept its way across my chest to stop the urgently blaring clock radio and drew her closer to me. She smelled amazing, even this early in the morning. It had to be her pheromones or something that always drove me so crazy.

"Jaaaake," she protested, but not enough to make me stop.

"Bellaaaaa," I mocked, pulling her flush to my body. She writhed in her pretty bad attempt at trying to get away, failing miserably.

I ignored her, as usual. I mean, this is what we did. We'd gotten into the rhythm of it all, even in this short time together. This is what and who we'd become; two people, who, during most waking moments together, couldn't keep clothes on, or hands off.

Her sweet little giggle bubbled up, making my heart jump, even now, even after the hundreds of times I'd heard it.

"Jake…" I ignored her still, pulling her on top of me, willing her to throw her thigh over my hip and sit just a little higher. I ran my lips along the soft skin of her neck, which was the best mixture of heat and lemon, and her. "Jake, you're not even listening to me, are you?"

"I like the red one, babe," I joked. Of course I was listening to her. I listened to everything she said. She was like my air. Who ignores something as important to life itself like that?

She stirred again, tugging away from me, and I let her go. She looked at me with a smirk, like she'd done something, like she could actually get out of my grasp if I really wanted to hold on to her. I raised an eyebrow, silently challenging her, and she smiled again – that bright, perfect smile – and I conceded, just like I always did when it came to her.

Well, most times.

Bella was pretty infuriating sometimes and always at minimum frustrating, both physically, and, well, she had the tendency to hurt my brain sometimes, without even trying. That was her, though. I welcomed her little disruptions in my life, because she and they actually made life better.

I pretty much worked my own schedule. I set my interviews, checked in with Ness, and went about my merry way. But Bella…? Bella was a ball of nerves, and worry, and crazy, and I loved her for it. She woke too late for work and was constantly leaving something, somewhere, but she was the most amazing, creative, and sexy woman I'd ever met. She started a fire in me that never, ever seemed to let up.

My eyes roamed around the room, and I noted, briefly, that I really, really, needed to hang up the pile of clothes in the armchair at the corner of the room. By the time I glanced back, she had made her way into the bathroom to get ready for work. This song and dance – the abrupt scream that was the alarm clock I'd bought just for her to keep at my apartment – would be over soon enough, and I'd promised myself that I'd be more patient with her and this situation. I would be understanding, just as long as she gave me what I needed. And, shit, I think I'd been doing a pretty good job of that whole thing.

She was working more, and, while that shit did nothing at all for our love life, I knew she was doing it for us – for me. The last thing I wanted to do was disrupt her life, and then complain that the way she was handling it just wasn't good enough. So, I'd decided against that, early on.

It was just a bitch sometimes.

I heard her electric toothbrush buzz to life, and water patter against the bathtub, followed by billowing steam. Bella always showered in scalding water that flushed her body bright red, and her blushing skin always made me think of her below me, panting and moaning my name, at the most inopportune moments. She had a level of control over my thoughts that defied all reason. I welcomed it, yes, but, it was so intense, it was maddening.

I still didn't know how the hell she could stand it, but whatever.

There were a million things swimming around in my brain. I needed to get going on that next chapter and get it over to Angela. I had to make sure Bella had her security clearance paperwork in order. I needed to pick up my new press pass. Plus, I still needed to go shopping for some new sneakers, all before we left.

All that melted away, though, once I heard the swish of metal rings against the aluminum rod, as she pulled the shower curtain back to step in.

All I could think about was reddened, wet skin, and lime scented shampoo on chocolate brown, wavy hair, and stiff nipples with droplets of water sliding to the tip and down a flat, soft stomach, then thigh.

Bella did this to me. My brain was fucking mush.

She was just so hot. I mean, like, mind-numbingly hot. Like, a mixture between Jessica Alba and a not so slutty, but kinda, Megan Fox.

It rolled in the base of my spine, up my back and settled like lava in my skull. Raking my fingers through my hair, I knew it.

I needed her. Right then, like, desperately.

I was already at half-mast once I reached the moist heat of the bathroom. And, once I peeked through the shower at her white, lather-covered body, all curves and softness, and pink-tinged skin, I was so fucking hard, it hurt. I needed to lick her. I needed to taste her. I needed to consume every part of her.

Her eyes squinted against the sharp spray of water, not at all surprised to see me in the shower with her, though she'd left me just moments ago, barely awake. Her hair hung in a crazy mass around her shoulders, the water rinsing soap from her body. She looked at me, and cocked her head to the side, just like she always did. Then she reached her palm to grip my hip, firmly, pulling me closer to her.

I smiled.

She pulled me into the spray, completely covering me with water, and, standing on tip toes, placed her fingers in my hair and massaged shampoo through to the ends.

"You know," she began, lightly running her nails across my scalp, "I really don't have time for this."

My eyes rolled back. This was so good; so fucking good. "Mmmhmmm...."

She chuckled, continuing, "How'd you sleep, babe?"

I sucked my bottom lip in, trying my best to focus as she slipped her hands down my body, across my chest and abdomen, and, finally, gripped me firmly in her hand.

"Good, Bells... I slept pretty good." Her hand kept its pace, sliding easily back and forth, spinning around the head, and sliding back and forth again. "Mmmm, that's good babe..."

I slipped my fingers between her thighs, which was always like heaven – all slippery, and bare, and wet, and soft – making a quick pass over her clit a few times. She jumped and shook, just slightly. Then, her knees buckled a little, once I finally sank my index and middle fingers knuckle-deep inside her.

"Whoa, whoa, there," I teased, catching her by the waist and pressing her against the back of my large shower. "Careful."

A grin spread across my face as I stroked and pressed my fingers deeper into her pussy, eliciting that moan of hers, that sounded somewhere between a chuckle and a cry. I was done once her eyes squeezed shut and her eyebrows knitted together, in the pleasure my fingers brought to her body.

"Jake... Have to," she panted out, pinching her eyes shut and holding onto my shoulder for dear life with her non dick-stroking hand.

This dance was always so fun; though we could barely ever get through serious foreplay – neither of us could stand the waiting – and it wasn't the best part of this thing, it sure as fuck felt good if we could ever slow down for a minute.

"Mmmm..." I lifted an eyebrow, then covered those lips with mine. She was so sweet, hot, and slick. "Okay," I whispered, simply.

Grabbing her wrist, I released myself from her practiced fingers, placed my palms between her thighs, and spread them slightly. She tilted her hips upwards to meet me, and I slid into her, easily. Just like every single time before, my toes curled under, just a little. Being inside her was as mind-blowing as it always was. Our bodies met. and her eyes rolled back and nails dug into my skin, until it was almost painful. This, I'd learned – the contracting of her fingers into my shoulders, or arms, or back – was a sure note that I was doing my job.

She felt so, so good; so insanely hot, even in the steaming shower. I pressed deeper into her, holding her hips steady, then slid so deep that I felt that our stomachs kissed, then pulled out to the tip, then stroked deep back into her. She was eager, not allowing me to control the pace at all, needy and urgent.

She whined my name into my mouth, kissing me hard with her fingers gripping my hair. I grabbed her slippery body, pressing my fingers into her fleshy hips, keeping her stable, so I could so I could drive myself into her the way she liked. A moan rolled in the back of her throat as she grinded her hips, wrapping her ankle and hooking it around my waist.

"Oh god. Jake, shit..."

"You're gonna be late for work."

"Fuck work."

I loved her dirty mouth. I laughed, kissing her neck and shoulders, then sucked her right nipple between my lips, licking and lapping each one until she was begging. My fingers found her clit, again, and rubbed long, hard strokes across it, just like she liked. And she rewarded me with a long, guttural moan, followed by her hands grabbing my ass, frantically pulling me harder and faster into me.

"...Gonna cum," she panted, digging her nails into my hips. By this point, the water was pretty icy. I really didn't care, though, as I'm sure Bella didn't much, either. Her pussy seized, tightly, around me on my next in stroke, and she whimpered, helplessly, as I shoved my fingers into her hair, clasping tightly at the root, and fucked her orgasm out of her body.

"Oh Bella, baby..." The moan scared me, a little. It barely even sounded like me, and crept up without warning. I felt the pressure in my abdomen. My dick throbbed so good inside her, I never, ever wanted to stop. I didn't know how long we were in there, or how long I'd cum, or what time it was; I lost all grasp of myself.

Moments later, though, I realized my beautiful girlfriend - my awesome, hot, smart Bella – was shivering. Shit, so was I.

"Let's go..." Her teeth chattered around each syllable as she dragged me back into my bedroom. I took a gamble and glanced at the red LCD numbers on the night stand. It was thirty minutes after the time Bella should have walked through her office.

" gotta go..." She pressed her palms against my chest, pushing me back onto the bed. She completely ignored me, and the time, straddling my wet body with hers, her hair dripping streams down her body. In the next instant her lips were wrapped around me, and I as hard. Again.

Victoria, and her office, would have to wait this morning.

"I still can't believe you're taking her."

Emmett was an asshole.

Yes, I had chosen Emperor Asshole of the Land of Jerk-offs to be my best friend. Shows a lot about me.

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" I slapped the basketball out of his hands while he was too busy letting me know how much of an idiot I was being, at the moment. "I mean, you've met Bella. You even told me you like her. So, where the hell is all this coming from, anyway? You've known we're going for the past three weeks and you've never said anything about it before now."

"Yeah, well, that was before Leah dropped his ass." Paul laughed, blocking my shot and taking the ball back to the top of the key.

Paul, also an asshole, but not quite as big an asshole as Emmett at the moment, tended to be the voice of reason in instances like this. He was helping, not a huge amount, but, shit, I'd take what I could get.

"Ahhh, I get it," I breathed, unsuccessfully blocking Paul's lay-up. "You fuck up with Lee. Then, I get to get shit from you about Bella. Dude, you are so cliché."

Emmett stopped, looking hurt, but, I knew better. "Jake, I'm trying to look out for you. You don't know this chick. You've only known her, what, two months? What if she's some insane, serial killer chick, like from that show..." He snapped his fingers, I assumed willing his brain to remember what the hell he was talking about.

Paul returned, jogging back to half court, easily bouncing the ball between his alternating legs as he went. "What? One of those Lifetime movies?" he said, incredulously.

"No, no. It's like a court show or something. Um...."

"Snapped fucker? You mean, Snapped? You're really suggesting 5 foot 5, 130-pound Bella is gonna be a threat to me." I mean, I wasn't the biggest guy ever, but I had her by at least 90 pounds. Plus, she didn't even pass my shoulder. That shit was just insulting.

"Jake." Emmett looked at me, seriously, striding within arm's-length. "I've known you, what, 9, 10 years?"

"Right, right." I gestured for him to hurry the fuck up with the point, because I was struggling to find it.

"Well, you know I care about you." He looked back at Paul, who was barely paying attention, hanging in the background, spinning the ball on his index, and then middle fingers. "I just don't want to see you get hurt, especially with a girl you just met."

This coming from Emmett was laughable. This, coming from a guy that would bed any girl willing; a guy who'd finally caught a quality girl, willing to put up with his dumb ass, then fucked it all up. I rolled my lips inward, trying my best to not laugh in his face, because, for once, I thought he was actually bordering on being serious. Paul, though, couldn't help it.

"Emmett. Dude, what the fuck are you talking about?" he yelled, throwing the ball at his head and just barely missing. Laughter burst between the two of us. Paul walked over and draped his arms over my shoulders, and we shared one of those deep, stomach-clenching laughs at one of my closest friend's expense.

He nodded his head, and walked backward toward the locker room. "Fine. Fine, you asses. Don't come crying to me when she breaks your heart or robs you blind in France, leaving you butt-naked and tied to a bed."

That was it. Any remaining composure Paul and I had, was effectively demolished, and we became a crumpled heap on the shiny wooden floor. After we'd both caught our breath, and could actually speak, Paul pulled his legs closer to his chest, just enough to rest his forearms on his knees, swallowing.

"You're serious about this girl, huh?" Paul didn't say much but, when he did, I always listened, because he seemed to come up with some insight I hadn't thought of before.

I thought for a second, really, really considering the simple question. I wanted to be real with myself, as much as with him. Something about it defined my internal conversation around me and Bella. I loved her, of course, and, well, I'd spent plenty nights thinking that whole thing through.

It's easy to love someone that gives you the best sex of your life. It's easy to confuse orgasms with love. I get that, but, just like I'd told Billy, and even Embry and Tyler back home, this thing with Bella was real. It was so deep down, it felt old, like it had always been a part of me. Like, my soul was just waiting for the two of us to catch up to some cosmic shit that had always existed and would always exist in the universe.

I wasn't sure about too many things in my life. Shit, I was only 29, and I was globetrotting every other month to third world country after shitty ass third world country. But, what I did know was that, since the moment I laid eyes on her, and spoke to her, heard that sweet voice and saw those almost too-big brown eyes, I knew that I wanted her right there beside me, all the time, no matter what.

"Yeah," I said simply, nodding my head for emphasis. "Yeah, man, she's it. She's home for me."

Paul looked around at the other groups of guys entering, throwing a few balls around, and warming up with free-throws, then back at me, with his deep-set gaze. He puffed air into his cheeks, then let it out with a slow whistle. "Well, do it then, man. Life's too short. Bella seemed pretty cool to me and, from what you've told me before now, you guys click. And that clicking shit? It's hard to come by these days."

I nodded in agreement. He was right. This clicking shit, was the real deal, and, in his own way, Paul had summed up all the universe, and stars, and sun that I saw and felt for . We clicked. We clicked pretty damn well.

If anyone had told me how much research and, well, work would go into writing this book, I would never have started the damn thing. Or, at least, I wouldn't have attempted it so lightly. Writing a book about growing up Native in a super-tiny tribe like mine was a bit of a challenge, especially putting together an idea that publishing houses could get behind. So, when everyone back home heard that I was planning to write it on Kw`oliyot' – on our traditions and language, and pretty much everything I'd ever heard and knew growing up – it changed from this project I was doing, to this massive thing.

Before I knew it, the director of an entire arm of non-fiction/autobiographical works, at one of the largest publishing houses in New York, had read a few of my articles and was more than a little interested. I was surprised to find that, even though I was clear across the country and had long since left La Push for Florida, everyone was proud of me and what I was doing.

As a kid, of course, I'd heard all the history stuff, legends, and the stories, but I wanted to find more. And, the more I wrote, researched, and read, the deeper I'd gotten. Plus, I couldn't get any deeper than Billy, who knew pretty much everything having to do with rez history. He jumped at the chance to do a brain dump with me, and tell me everything he knew.

Bella was proud of me. Whenever she knew I was procrastinating, she'd threaten withholding our, er, happy time until I got back on track, which, knowing me way too well, always worked like a charm.

"How's chapter seven coming?" She looked at me over the plate of simple spaghetti and meatballs I'd made for us once she'd gotten home from work. Her workload was still pretty thick, but she was figuring out a balance for us both, which I could deal with. Kinda.

"Pretty good. I talked to Billy, again, today. Had a few more things for me, of course."

"Of course," she agreed, with a smile, and took a huge bite of French bread.

My father had bullied us both into letting him talk to Bella, on multiple occasions. She absolutely loved him, and, once it was just us, Billy, told me he really liked Bella, and couldn't wait to meet her. This was followed by him reminding me that I hadn't been home since Thanksgiving, and that was followed by his oh-so practiced guilt trip. The next day, I started looking for flights for me and Bella to visit La Push and her father in Forks, once we were back in the states.

"So, show me what you have so far." She nudged my elbow with hers, and I topped off both our glasses with the rest of the wine.

I smiled, reluctantly. "Oh...okay."

Once we were both done and she'd put away the plates in the dishwasher, she curled beside me on my bed, humming softly to herself as I pulled up the chapter. I read her the part about one of the first legends I'd ever heard – about a woman and her sacrifice for the man she loved, and for the whole tribe.

"I loved that, Jake." She smiled, seriously, at me. "You are an awesome writer. I know I tell you that all the time but, really, this is gonna be big. I can feel it." Her eyes sparkled the way they did when she looked at me. Like she and I were the only two in the world and we were in on some kinda secret that not another person on earth could begin to know or understand. I knew I loved her even more in that small moment.

She always knew what to say to me, even though I was pretty sure she fully meant every word of it. This chapter had been a bitch to write, and, with all the research, I'd spent a lot of time on it. Now, knowing that I had her approval made me feel even better about it. I actually valued her opinion above a lot of others. So, she was a perfect sounding board before I got a chance to talk to Angela, Ness, or Billy.

"Thanks, babe. You really liked it?"

"Yes, Jake, baby. Of course. I like all your work." She kissed me, softly, on the corner of my mouth. Then she played with the ends of my hair, nodding toward my computer, urging me to keep going. I took another sip of wine and dug in.

I could do this with her all night.

It was about three hours before I knew Bella would push my cracked front door open. So, noting that my hair was threatening to reach far past my collarbone, I figured I'd take some time to actually get it cut, despite her opinion on the matter. My hair was an ongoing debate with that girl, and, while I did like it long, I refused to let it get as long as I was sure she wanted.

I made a last minute appointment with my favorite girl, who, when I was actually in town, was the only one I let near me with scissors. There was a careful relationship between a man and his barber. I trusted her; she was the only one that didn't make me look like Courtney Cox, and never, ever mentioned the word highlights or flat iron around me.

An hour and about four inches lighter later, I got back to my apartment, showered, and made a spot on the floor of my living room, with papers, notebooks, and MacBook in-place. I thumbed through the notes I'd made from the last time me and Billy talked, trying to reset my brain and pick up where I'd left off, the afternoon before.

I'd taken a brief detour to talk with Ness, get her a quick article for The Ledger, and throw together a blurb for the website. That place depended on me way too much, especially considering I was freelance, and I had about a half-dozen other papers and magazines I wrote for. But, I'd always have a soft spot for Ness. She was one of the first people I'd met in the city. Also, she'd put me on to about half of all the trans-continental writing projects I'd done in the past two years.

I really needed to focus, but my mind kept drifting to Bella – about how she felt in my arms, or how she tasted, which was always warm, and amazing, and sweet. She constantly tasted like a mixture of spearmint and some kind of orange, which I'd deduced came from her chapstick.

"Hey you..." She'd managed to get just inside my front door without me noticing, her smile a mile wide. I'd gotten about eighty percent through chapter seven, which made me exceedingly happy. So, I figured I'd earned a little bit of a break.

Bella threw her work bag and purse on my couch, then cocked her head. I really wanted her to come closer, but she just stood there, her grin slowly dropping until her lips parted just-so. She ran her fingers through her hair, and I waited, patiently, for her next move.

"Hey back..." I placed my laptop on the floor next to me, unconsciously mimicking her movements and pressing my hair out of my face. I was happy to see her.

"You got a haircut." She licked her lips, sliding out of her pumps.

"I did. Thought it was getting pretty long." She grunted her agreement, unbuckling the huge belt she was wearing outside of her clothes; you know, the kind women wear that really serve no purpose.

I noticed, in that moment, the dangerously hot way her waist curved in and then out, at the hips, making one of the sexiest silhouettes I think I'd ever seen. I dragged my eyes over her - how her skirt hugged her hips, tightly, and the soft curve of her tits in the fitted shirt she wore. I was sure she'd given those guys she worked with, at that agency, heart attacks in this outfit, today.

She stepped a little closer to me, but still not nearly close enough. At this point, I realized she was fucking with me. Either that or she had some kinda death wish. I was pretty sure I couldn't handle any teasing today, not with the way she looked, and not with the fact that I hadn't gotten a chance to touch her before she'd left for work. I had about an 8-9 hour max on that front. Her arms bowed behind her back as she unzipped and wiggled out of that skirt.

I unconsciously squeezed my eyes shut at the sight of her tiny blue panties, that weren't really panties at all; just strings and small triangles of fabric that barely covered anything. She smirked, and I couldn't help the evil smile that spread across my lips. She had no fucking idea what she was doing, but I let her continue her little tease because she looked so fucking good.

"You, uh, get that passport stuff taken care of?" I was struggling with finding my voice. Her fingers slipped under the edge of her shirt, lifted it over her head and dropped it unceremoniously to floor.

Fuck, that fucking bra should be illegal.

"Yep. I think we're good to go." I nodded, not really paying attention to much else besides the way her breasts pressed together. She reached quickly behind her back, the blue fabric slacking forward, then pulled her bra off her shoulders and onto the floor. Her tits were perfect – I was sure of that; perfect tear drops, that were much more than a handful, with pink nipples, perfectly placed in the center.

Her hips swayed over to me and stopped inches from where I sat. I couldn't help sliding my palm up her thigh, and my fingers under one of those straps, then back and forth across the satin. She bent down and kissed me, lightly, sliding just the tip of her tongue into my mouth. I'm sure it was meant to be that anyway. Though, I pulled her closer to me, until she had nowhere to go, and she was straddling me with her perfect tits at my lips.

I gripped the back of her neck and lower back, and she whimpered as I pressed her onto my dick through my sweats. Her hands were clawing at my tank top. I let her pull it off, as I tried as best I could to pack up my papers and books and get them out of the way, because she was wild.

"Babe..." she said in a moan.. She rolled her hips against me, sliding her tongue against mine, and softly kneading circles into my scalp, which was just about the best feeling thing I could think of besides being inside of her.

I finally got her on her back, which was no small feat with the way she was bucking and whirling against me. We never broke the kiss, though, crushing our mouths eagerly against each other. I wanted my hands all over her. I wanted her to feel how crazy she made me, and how much I fucking loved her body. My hands stroked the sides of her ribs and waist, never touching her nipples, which were so hard and begging me for attention.

She arched her back into my touch and writhed until I finally placed a flat tongue on her nipples, and licked, and lapped, and sucked. I bit a little too, making her moan, sigh, and beg a little, which was always a good thing. The curve of her breast, the warmth and softness – it was something I swear I'd never get used to, and never, ever get enough of. I flicked and sucked, not leaving an inch of her skin untouched by my mouth or my tongue.

At that point, her legs where completely wrapped around my hips, and she was unabashedly grinding her pussy into me, and raking her nails into my back. I finally got her panties off and slid between those thighs. This. This was what I'd been thinking about all day, and she tasted so fucking beyond good. After a few passes with my tongue, just enough to have her moaning, I slid my middle and ring fingers into her, which got me a moan-sigh that shot straight to my dick.

"Yeah. Baby. Oh god." She groaned, arcing her back as I finger-fucked her until my hand was drenched.

I loved the way her tits bounced whenever I did it. So, as I lapped at her clit and pumped my fingers in an out of her, and tried my best to get a good look at them arched toward the ceiling. There was something so sexy and base about watching any part of her, like at this moment, bouncing or moving while any part of me was inside her, causing her body to jerk like this.

"Dammit..." I mumbled.

That was about all either of us could take, and we got my pants and boxers down and off, but, really, just barely. She grabbed me and, before I could, placed me right at her pussy, heaving her hips forward and upward. I steadied myself with balled fists on either side of her on the floor, as I let her steer the ship, for a little while anyway. God, this woman made me crazy.

Completely unable to just sit there and let her do all the work, any longer, I shifted, got my leverage and drove into her with all the force I knew she could handle.

"Oh my god..."

I'm never very loud at times like this. I let her be the star of the show, because, trust me, she's more than a headliner. But I really, really couldn't help this. I wanted to be here with her, to be in the moment, but I literally couldn't. If I did, I'd cum. I'd cum after I'd thrust into her three times and she was just beginning to moan my name. I wanted to hear more of that. I wanted to see more of her thighs spread wide for me, as I did this to her.

See? I can't think about that right now.

So, for a few seconds, as I drove my hips hard against hers, and eyes were rolling back, and her face was morphing into this beautiful sneer-thing, I couldn't think about that or her. I couldn't think about the feel of her, so tight and wet, I could live there forever. The way my dick glided so easily and hard at the same time shouldn't work. Her pussy gripping me in spasms so tightly shouldn't be able to take place, but god was it, and it was like my own little Jacob heaven.

"Bells, baby, you feel so fucking..."

She hissed as I shifted to hook my hands under her thighs, and lift and press them wider until they were almost touching her chest. This was not a fucking good idea at all. She was moaning and cursing at me, and slapping my chest, and sucking her fingers, and I was just about done.

I rolled my head around, trying to look at the clock, or the dining room table, or fucking anything at that moment. Anything but her flushed skin, or her tits, or body jerking with every thrust I stroked into her. I couldn't help myself, and finally looked down at her and where we were connected, and it was completely slick and wet. There were even a few droplets of wetness on the floor, which did not at all help me with my current situation.

"Ungh, Jake. Oh Jake... Oh, God..." she was squeezing her tits, again, and grinding her hips against me "Shit., Godammit..."

It was her high-pitched moan, and she was cumming. Definitely. I could feel her contracting and squeezing around my dick like a runaway train. It was definitely not letting up, and while I really wanted to plunge into her with more force, I'd learned that keeping up this same pace, despite my body screaming to do otherwise, would get me a second orgasm out of her. I gently let her legs down, and she immediately wrapped them tightly around my waist, again.

"See?" I panted into her ear, clutching her hair gently. "Please don't tease me, Bella."

I stroked harder, deeper, and she fell over the edge, again, digging her fingers into my sides and stiffening beneath me, slapping at my ribs. She sucked her bottom lip in and nodded her head, frantically, in agreement.

Mmmm... She feels so good.

It's weird having to focus on the orgasm of someone, while trying to enjoy the insane, mind-blowing feel of them. I was doing a pretty good job of it. Bella was still moaning and trying to beat the shit out of me, which I assume was a good thing. For some reason, I was glad I'd turned up the air conditioner, earlier, because it was hot as hell outside that day.

What a fucking weird thing to think of right now.

In the next moment, though, instead of a slow build, it attacked me, and it was so, so, so good - like, beyond good. If good was better than best, that's how I felt with her soaking pussy wrapped around me like that. I pounded into her, and for a split second the only senses I could make out were me inside her and the sounds of the air clicking on, her much, much louder moans, and my wet from sweat thighs slapping against her.

I actually whimpered a little bit. I couldn't help it; it felt like every piece of me was pouring out of my body, and, even if I wanted to stop it, there is no way in hell I ever could. I pressed my lips to hers, moaned, sharply, and thrust into her one last time, as the last of the tremors vibrated through my body.

We looked at each other for a long moment, panting, trying our best to catch our breaths. Her skin was a deep pink, her hair all over the place, from the friction against carpet. Her nipples were still just as hard and as tempting as they were when she slid her bra off an hour before. I just had to reach out and touch her one more time, there, as I reluctantly slid out.

"Mmmm," she moaned, with a smile. "Not done?"

She reached up between us and grabbed at my dick, pumping a few times, which, at first, made me jump a little, because I was still so sensitive. But she was gentle with me. She sat up, running her hand through her hair, trying to lay down the crazy, and rising onto her knees.


And her mouth was on me, just licking at first. Then, she fisted my dick, taking the entire length of it until I could feel the back of her throat, then sliding it completely out.

"Mmmm, Jake, I think you're good..." She moaned, again, pumping her fist a few more times. And, yes, I was. Very ready.

I stood, helping her to her feet, not at all able to stop myself when I saw those pink lips all swollen. I kissed her, pulling her against my body, and she felt so good there. I mean, how could she not? That was where she was meant to be.

"Come on..." She squealed and giggled as I threw her over my shoulder, and carried her to by bedroom. When I plopped her down on my bed, she was still laughing, especially as she bounced a little. She reached out for me though, pulling me behind her and onto my back, quickly straddling me. I grabbed her hips, readying myself as she took me into her hand, and carefully sat until I was deep inside her.

"Jake... You have no fucking clue, babe..." she whined, eyebrows furrowed, fingers digging into my chest for leverage. It was like the first time, all over again.

"Tell me, then..."

"You feel so good, baby..." She finally rolled her hips, rose on her knees, and then slid back down, so obviously enjoying this moment, as much as I was.

"Where?" I pressed. I wanted her to say it.

"I feel you so deep..." she groans, "so good in my pussy..."

Fuck, she was so hot. It was literally always like this. Always hot, always new, and always insane, like we were always supposed to be doing this.

"I love you..." I whispered. Because I did, and at that moment, I couldn't think of another place in the universe I'd rather be.

"Oh Jake, baby..." she hissed, through her moaning. "I love you so much. So, so, much..."

A/N - Jake was talking to me, so, I just had to write his POV, for a few chapters at least. I really hope you enjoyed.

...yeah, yeah. Blahblahblah - 'where the hell have I been?' and 'why haven't I updated in forever?', and all that. I get it, I suck. Thank you for stopping by, reading and forgiving me and this story in spite of it all. RL was kicking my ass for a while there, but, now that all is back and right with the world, I expect to update more frequently. Hope.

Of course, thank you to my beta, Kay Cannon, she is the best there ever was. Also, a thanks go out to Team Evil, and all my Twitter lovies. You guys make my work day go by so much faster.

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