Friday, October 30, 2009

Chapter 3 - A Necessary Evil - Deep Undercover

Immediately upon entering his condo, Jake felt the wave of sleep threatening to overtake him before he'd had the chance to make good on his promise of things to come, but he fought it when he saw her body.
All tight and smooth and soft and ready. And naked.

Without a word, she met him at the door, beginning to strip him of his clothing for the second time in twenty-four hours, sliding her palms under the shoulders of his jacket and pulling it off, all the while placing tender kisses along his jaw line. He felt the weight of his cock stiffening with arousal and pressed his hips forward into her urgently moving palm. She quickly removed his pants and boxer briefs and led him into already billowing steam of his master bath shower. READ MORE

TEASER - Deep Undercover Chapter 4 - Love and War

“Fuck you,” James’ voice lowly gurgled through the blood pooling in his throat. He'd maintained his strength of mind, even in the face of certain death. His little girl and wife flashed across his memory, and he knew he would never see them again. Not getting closer to the Cullens and needing to have a closed casket were his only regrets.

Jake hoped James’d made good with his own god, but wisely made no moves to stop the exchange before him. This didn’t look good at all - ten or more members of the Cullen crew and this poor ill-fated officer.

He would die today.

“Fuck me, huh? How much did you tell them….HUH?” Edward exclaimed, uncharacteristically raising his voice. “You, come in and threaten my family! My life, motherfucker? Then, its fuck me?”

He turned his back on the wounded man briefly, meeting eyes for the first time that day with Jake for a millisecond and removing his Beretta from a nearby table. Jake knew it would be over at any moment then.

“No, Ed, hold on, hold on,” Emmett said approaching James slowly, rolling his head around his shoulders and cracking his knuckles. He bent his massive frame at the waist and stared his darkening blue eyes at him.

“Hey… hey,” he said softly to him, attempting to gain his attention. James locked eyes with him through the sheet of blood blurring his vision, “I want you to remember who did this to you when you’re in fucking hell you piece of shit.”

Emmett reared back and placed a blow to James’ left shoulder just so, and, with a sickening crack, dislocated, then broke his arm.

James’s screams where soon muffled by a rag stuffed into his mouth; his arms and legs were unlocked, and he was pushed to the ground.

That’s when it got particularly ugly.


Monday, October 26, 2009

House Warming O/S

It had been an extremely long day, and even with our advance abilities and genetic makeups, both of us were particularly exhausted. Moving two apartments can really take it out of a person.

The first thing I wanted to do was stand in a hot shower, then dive into bed with my soft girl beside me. The water, that I knew was turned entirely to the left indicating its scalding temperature, felt just barely warm on my scorching skin, though it felt great. I worked shampoo through my hair and thoroughly lathered soap over my body. Soon, I’d emerged from the bathroom , steam billowing behind me, and relaxed on my substantial couch. I thought about the shorts Ness had laid out for me on the bed, but those would have to wait, I was just too wiped to deal with clothing now.

Her family and the pack had left an hour or so before after helping with the move, and we were trying to wind down from the last hectic twenty-four hours. Finally, with both of our houses unpacked and livable, I remembered what I’d been waiting anxiously all evening for.  READ MORE

Ch.1 - 12 Ways - See. Shit Like This is Why I Drink

I hate that bastard.

I mean I really hate that motherfucker.

Every time I look at him or hear him breathe through his open mouth while he eats his eggs, or forgets to unplug the iron or pick up the dry cleaning, I just want to sail across the kitchen table and stab him in the neck with a steak knife and release some of this abhorrence thumping in my veins at every minute of every day.

But, alas, I cannot- and trust me; I’ve considered it more times than I can count over the years.

If not for the obvious moral reasons, for the fact that I really don’t think my pale skin would look at all appealing in prison jumpsuit orange.

And, I'd definitely be a bottom. A weak bottom.

I glanced at the purple beaded gown mocking me as it hung lifelessly from the door of our closet. Why did I have to go to this damn thing anyway?

All work and one too many charity functions standing next to this idiot made me a homicidal girl. READ MORE

Chapter 4 - The Man in Me: Becoming Jacob - The Animal Within

I ran, a flurry of copper fur darting in and out of the trees, hopping over fallen branches, trampling in watery troughs through the woods with which I felt so akin. Everything around me whirred past my body at a lightning pace, creating a hyperdrive warp vacuum that sucked me in drew me to the place I had known so well.

My paws involuntarily slowed to a walk once I came to the place I'd been so many times I could find it without thinking.

Toleak Point.

I gazed my dark eyes over the steep cliffs, sitting on the edge, just inches away from the ledge. Crazy enough, with my face to the wind, being here had always made me feel like I was flying, like I was the only person in the world.

Being human was so hard.

Staying human? Even harder.

Angry. Depressed. Heartbroken. Being emotional while in human form was like contracting a muscle. It burned after a while.

Letting the sweet allure of phasing engulf me was like releasing that muscle after holding it tight for so long. Release. Relief.

I didn't have to try to phase; I had to force myself not to. READ MORE

Chapter 3 - The Man in Me: Becoming Jacob - Coming of Age

I spent a good part of the next couple of hours standing alone on the edge of the forest outside my apartment, finalizing my decision. Through all of the discussion, I knew that in the end I could live with the decision, as long as I stayed true to myself first.

Unfortunately, I realized there would be no real sleep tonight, and I really didn't want to wake Ness just to keep me company through my insomnia. I needed a distraction, and luckily, I realized I could catch up with Quil and Leah who were running patrols east of Forks, not too far from my house.

"Black.," Leah acknowledged my addition to our pack mind.

"Clearwater," I said.

"Jake, what's up? I thought you were taking it easy this week? You know, celebrating," Quil said, hopping over an overturned log.

"I was. Couldn't sleep. Figured you guys might need a third," I explained.

"Things are pretty quiet around here to be honest," Leah said.

"Yeah, can't say I'm not happy about that though," Quil agreed.

We trotted around the 20-mile perimeter for the next hour, coming to our rendezvous clearing, half a mile from James Island, where Seth, Sam, Paul, Jared, Embry, Colin and Brady had already begun gathering. READ MORE

Chapter 2 - The Man in Me: Becoming Jacob - No Rest for the Weary

Escaping the death-grip Ness' legs and arms made around my body, I made my way to my small kitchen for some orange juice, then reclined on my sofa and powered up my MacBook.

After scrolling through several random emails, there it was.

I excitedly clicked on the fifth row from the top and pulled up its content in my browser, scanning the text.

Blah, Blah, Mr. Jacob E. Black...

Blah, Blah...HCI Technical Enterprises, Inc., is pleased to offer you a position as PI&CS Advanced Control Systems Engineer. We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets...

My heart was soaring.

Watching the cursor on the screen blink past the last sentence. I crossed my legs at the ankle, and re-read the letter for the third time... READ MORE

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Man In Me: Becoming Jacob - Ch.1 - Celebration

I was close to the front, seated with A through C.

You know, for Black.

I said a silent thank you to my ancestors for having the foresight, however unrelated to this moment, to be named Black. After standing for longer than I'd like, it meant I could finally sit down.

Again, I fidgeted, trying unsuccessfully to wiggle my toes under the discomfort of my newly purchased shoes.

Shoes. The bane of my existence - those, and socks. Whoever came up with either of those inventions should be shot. I scanned the crowd and caught sight of the imp that had purchased the torturous shiny black pair currently constricting the blood flow to my legs.

"Jacob, you are so classless. Have I taught you nothing in all this time? I forbid you to wear those on one of the most important days of your life," she'd scowled, glancing at my old trusty leather flip flops. They'd become the closest thing to being barefoot, and that was just the way I liked it. KEEP READING

The Man In Me: Becoming Jacob - Prologue – Tradition and Transformation

I knew I would die.

I mean, how could I not? How could this beyond-fathomable level of pain be possible for one person to endure and he not die?

I wanted to die. I willed- no- begged for the darkness, but it never came. I was very much alive.

The mixture of tears and blood and sweat and mucus intermingled in a pool in the sandy dirt and leaves inches from my mouth. I paid no mind to my dirty, raw knuckles and knees as I dug my fingers deeper into the dry, woodsy earth, trying in vain to alleviate some of the pain.

"Kill me! Please!" I half-growled, half-begged. It was a bit extreme, yes. Plus, I knew he wouldn't. None of them would- they were in on this whole thing. KEEP READING

Deep Undercover - Chapter 2 - Twilight

“Now, look at this guy,” Seth said jokingly, “finally decides to show the fuck up.”

“Easy,” Jake mumbled finding the familiar metal chair against the exposed brick wall of the team’s nondescript compound, “…had to handle some things.”

Calling the place out-of-the-way was the understatement of the year. One couldn’t involuntarily stumble upon the building; you’d definitely have to know exactly how to find it.

In a building owned by the city, the team’s headquarters was situated off a secluded section of Brownsville. There wasn’t much to it; a few chairs, some large desks, a couple of twin beds and a kitchen, but it was huge and it had plenty of space for various forms of state-of-the-art tracking and data equipment.

Jake had become a member of a small elite undercover narcotics unit in Miami. Made up himself, talented rookie Seth Waters, and led by Jason Jenks, their young, New York bred, street-smart lieutenant, their two years together had been far from boring. Between the three of them, they’d been assigned to everything from vice to homicide, and survived in South Florida’s dark criminal world long enough to know that to battle crime, you have to be little more criminal than cop at times. KEEP READING

Deep Undercover - Chapter 1 - Getting it Done

It all happened faster than he could register the activity unfolding around him.

But, not before he could react.

Reflexively, his large fingers found themselves curling around the action of his gleaming Desert Eagle, discreetly nestled in its handsome Cordura shoulder holster.

He could see the asshole reaching for the work he'd had tucked on his ankle, and was kicking himself for not checking there too during the shakedown fifteen minutes prior.

He should've been more thorough.

Adrenaline, giving way to emotions somewhere between fear and anger, coursed through every cell in his body as he snapped his arm into place, horizontal with the ground, and inches from Edward's unaware face beside him.

Jake arced his index finger toward his heart, sending two expert rounds whirring through the air and landing deathly between the first unfortunate soul's brows, hitting the second one squarely in the ribcage. KEEP READING.

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