Monday, October 26, 2009

House Warming O/S

It had been an extremely long day, and even with our advance abilities and genetic makeups, both of us were particularly exhausted. Moving two apartments can really take it out of a person.

The first thing I wanted to do was stand in a hot shower, then dive into bed with my soft girl beside me. The water, that I knew was turned entirely to the left indicating its scalding temperature, felt just barely warm on my scorching skin, though it felt great. I worked shampoo through my hair and thoroughly lathered soap over my body. Soon, I’d emerged from the bathroom , steam billowing behind me, and relaxed on my substantial couch. I thought about the shorts Ness had laid out for me on the bed, but those would have to wait, I was just too wiped to deal with clothing now.

Her family and the pack had left an hour or so before after helping with the move, and we were trying to wind down from the last hectic twenty-four hours. Finally, with both of our houses unpacked and livable, I remembered what I’d been waiting anxiously all evening for.  READ MORE

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