Friday, October 30, 2009

TEASER - Deep Undercover Chapter 4 - Love and War

“Fuck you,” James’ voice lowly gurgled through the blood pooling in his throat. He'd maintained his strength of mind, even in the face of certain death. His little girl and wife flashed across his memory, and he knew he would never see them again. Not getting closer to the Cullens and needing to have a closed casket were his only regrets.

Jake hoped James’d made good with his own god, but wisely made no moves to stop the exchange before him. This didn’t look good at all - ten or more members of the Cullen crew and this poor ill-fated officer.

He would die today.

“Fuck me, huh? How much did you tell them….HUH?” Edward exclaimed, uncharacteristically raising his voice. “You, come in and threaten my family! My life, motherfucker? Then, its fuck me?”

He turned his back on the wounded man briefly, meeting eyes for the first time that day with Jake for a millisecond and removing his Beretta from a nearby table. Jake knew it would be over at any moment then.

“No, Ed, hold on, hold on,” Emmett said approaching James slowly, rolling his head around his shoulders and cracking his knuckles. He bent his massive frame at the waist and stared his darkening blue eyes at him.

“Hey… hey,” he said softly to him, attempting to gain his attention. James locked eyes with him through the sheet of blood blurring his vision, “I want you to remember who did this to you when you’re in fucking hell you piece of shit.”

Emmett reared back and placed a blow to James’ left shoulder just so, and, with a sickening crack, dislocated, then broke his arm.

James’s screams where soon muffled by a rag stuffed into his mouth; his arms and legs were unlocked, and he was pushed to the ground.

That’s when it got particularly ugly.


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