Saturday, October 24, 2009

Deep Undercover - Chapter 1 - Getting it Done

It all happened faster than he could register the activity unfolding around him.

But, not before he could react.

Reflexively, his large fingers found themselves curling around the action of his gleaming Desert Eagle, discreetly nestled in its handsome Cordura shoulder holster.

He could see the asshole reaching for the work he'd had tucked on his ankle, and was kicking himself for not checking there too during the shakedown fifteen minutes prior.

He should've been more thorough.

Adrenaline, giving way to emotions somewhere between fear and anger, coursed through every cell in his body as he snapped his arm into place, horizontal with the ground, and inches from Edward's unaware face beside him.

Jake arced his index finger toward his heart, sending two expert rounds whirring through the air and landing deathly between the first unfortunate soul's brows, hitting the second one squarely in the ribcage. KEEP READING.

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