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The Neighbor - Chapter 7: Leaving on a Jetplane

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"Jake!" Renee completely bypassed me in favor of a near running-hop into the arms of my boyfriend.

"Ms. Dwyer..." Jake started, his sun-eclipsing smile spread across his lips as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Renee!" my mother admonished, "I told you to call me Renee."

"Of course, Renee," he continued, with his grin. "I brought dessert. I hope that's okay." I had convinced him to make that chocolate thing that I'd gone so batshit for once upon a time. It seemed so long ago, so many things had changed in our lives, even in that moment, as we stood at a precipice of our future, only days away from our month-long trip abroad.

Even though I tried my best to stop myself, I couldn't; trust me, with an hyperactive best friend like Alice chirping in my ear about the whole thing, I couldn't help it. I was so, so excited. Excited to travel to a place I'd never been and to be living in the city of lights, Paris, for such an extended period of time. Excited to be staying at the gorgeous hotel we were, but, most of all, excited to be going with Jake, a man that was single-handedly showing me what love, and passion, and the thrill of newness was really all about.

"Of course, Jake," Renee answered, smiling. "Bella has told me all about this stuff. And, lemme tell you, if its half as good as she says, you may have to pry it away from me." She winked, and I rolled my eyes.

"Uh, hi?" What am I, chopped liver? Maybe at some point, she'd notice I was standing there.

"Oh, hey Bellabear!" She kissed me quickly on the cheek, and then turned back to Jake. Gotta love her.

He handed Renee the tulips I'd picked out. I told him they were her favorite, and he thought it'd be a good idea to bring them along. This was the second time they'd ever met, with the first being an impromptu drop-in when I needed to pick up my birth certificate from the house. We'd only stayed for a short time, but I knew my crazy mother enough to know that she was absolutely gaga over him, which made me smile.

She'd insisted, much like Jake's dad, that we stop my soon, and we all figured it would be a good idea that that happen before we left the country for so long. I tried to tell my mom that I'd cook, or even Jake – that she didn't have to go to any trouble – but she insisted that Gavin, her personal chef, make something for the occasion. We didn't protest too much because, as I'd told Jake before, Gavin's jerk chicken and herb potato mash was worth killing over.

We walked through the massive doors of the home I'd spent most of my teens in, everything still brilliant, colorful, and eclectic, just like Renee. Phil was travelling, of course; taping something or other for ESPN, now that he was a high-paid anchor one of its more popular shows. It was an easy transition after he'd retired from baseball last year.

The three of us stopped at the kitchen, and as Renee took the clear dish from Jake, ushering us into the living room sitting area, she began chatting away with him. I adored how he looked with the people I loved most in the world. It gave me warm-fuzzies I'd never admit to. He felt comfortable; warm like the sun. He felt like home

As Renee continued her friendly questioning, Jake answered every one charmingly, and I shook my head with a smile. Before long, dinner was ready.

I searched for the teeniest bikini I could, because I really didn't want any tan lines, and my blue one appeared to fit that description. Jake seemed to love the racing stripes across the outsides of by breasts and along my hips after I'd been in the sun for an extended time, though. He had convinced me that we needed a day at the beach before we'd be away from his beloved Florida oceans.

The weather was perfect, the waves were ideal for surfing, and there weren't a million tourists out that morning, not yet anyway. I wasn't much of a surfer, because of the whole accident-prone thing, but Jake was. Well, to be specific, watching him on that large piece of bright plastic was like poetry in motion. It was like a song. How someone so large could be that graceful and practiced, on a moving surface like water, was beyond my comprehension.

We made it out in early morning because I still had a date with Alice to look through bridal magazines. I found a good spot with my beach gear, trying my best not to ogle Jake but, not doing a very good job, as he sauntered beside me with his board tucked easily underneath his arm, shorts so low I was sure they were being kept up by the grace of God, and his hair tied tightly at the back of his head in a knot.

He and I had a hard time getting much done, and actually getting out of my apartment; Jake was extra frisky this morning. I didn't know what had gotten into him, lately but, if it were even possible, we had been together almost twice more than usual, not that I was complaining.

"Okay, babe." He placed a sweet kiss on my lips, and was jogging toward the water in the next moment. You have no idea how this man looked walking away from me in that early morning. Golden brown, lean, and perfectly built and a broad back that Jesus couldn't have made better if he'd chiseled it with his own hands.

I never realized how much I loved his hair tied back like that. I thought I'd always want him with long hair, but I briefly wondered how he would look with it short, or, even say, with a buzz cut.

Oh, god. I wanted him again. I did.

By the time he came back inland, an hour or so later, dripping wet and chest heaving with exertion, I was ready to be naked with him. The next time, after he'd gotten his second wind and had returned to the water, I was an even golden brown, and pretty twitchy. I pulled my ear buds out and turned my iPod off, enjoying the view of him approaching; water glistening off of his bare chest and arms, and his board shorts allowing a peek of muscle pulling against the skin at his hips.

""You look good out there," I mused, handing him a sandwich and bottle of water.

"You look good over here..." He grinned, mischievously. I noticed his long eyelashes were wet, as well, his whole appearance managing to be both sexy and child-like, simultaneously.


"Yes, looks like you got some sun." He drug his eyes over my body, his fingers playfully flicking the pages of my warn copy of Wuthering Heights.

"Yeah," I agreed, happily, wordlessly promising myself that, no matter what, I'd always live in warm climates because my ghostly natural skin just wouldn't work against his amazingly rich brown.

He inhaled the turkey and cheese I'd made, downing the bottle of water just as fast. I unwrapped another and handed it to him, silently loving the way he ate, well, pretty much anything.

His fingers were on me moments later, running along my abdomen, my thigh, my knee, and the swell of my breast.

"You're so sexy, you know that?" he whispered, looking around us and, I'm sure, trying to surmise how much he could get away with in public, without getting arrested or traumatizing any families. I looked around, as well, and, at about 10 a.m. on a Sunday morning, we were still relatively alone.

"Jake...what...?" He slid closer to me, blocking any easy view of us, and dipped his fingers into the side of my bikini bottoms. I tensed, caught off guard by his boldness and the feel of him stroking me, softly. "You are so bad, you know that?" I grinned, relaxing, and spread my legs slightly.

"Mmhmm..." he grinned, looking so sexy and naughty, and everything I loved about him.

In a few moments, he had me completely wound up, panting, and whimpering quietly . I closed my eyes, enjoying him, and the morning, and the ocean; the sea air was delicious, an aphrodisiac blowing sweetly against us. He slid a third finger inside me, and I gripped his shoulder and bit his arm to keep from moaning loudly as I came, in a sloshing puddle in his hand.

He grinned. "There we go..." he whispered, approvingly, to me. Things like that made me absolutely a good way. He was so fucking cocky sometimes.

"Jake, what am I gonna do with you?" I breathed, trying my best to straighten my suit and look around for anyone that may have seen this craziness. He laughed.

"Well, I can think of a few things; all of them involve us laid across various pieces of furniture in my apartment." I slapped him on his arm as he chuckled more.

So bad.

He couldn't keep his hands off of me the whole walk back, even through the jumper I wore over my suit, even as he balanced his board on the left side of his body. We ran into a neighbor of ours, an elderly woman who lived across from me. The look she gave us made me break into uncontrollable giggles, and surprisingly, Jake even looked a little, I dunno, bashful. I guess the whole building knew of our extracurricular activities, not that that would ever stop us.

With a few string pulls, my bikini was on the floor, and he was pulling me on top of him. A couple of adjustments – a knee, here, widen my thighs, there – and I was riding him, Jake spread across his bed, anchoring himself to the mattress by his heels. He held my hip tightly, gripping my hair in his fist as I ground myself deeply on his cock. I steadied myself with spread fingers across his chest, rolling my hips, and taking the full length of him, which, trust me, was no small feat.

"So wet..." he mumbled, leaning up and wrapping his arms tightly around my waist. I moaned, the whole movement giving me little room for control, forcing me to wind small circles, which, unbeknownst to me, caused a fire inside me I was fully unprepared for.

"Oh...yeah, babe...that feels so good..." I moaned, rising to my knees, and then slowly sitting, again, and again, until I couldn't move an inch and he had me completely resting on his hips, fucking me until I couldn't stop myself.

"Shit...goddamnit...I'm gonna cum..." I cried into his ear, digging my fingers into his shoulders, and holding onto him tightly. Jake clamped onto my hips, guiding me back and forth, harder, pushing himself upward. All the shallow strokes, the wetness causing our bodies to roll and slide together with ease did just enough, added just enough friction, and, before long, a second orgasm shot through me just following the first.

Moments later, when I was shaking and moaning, he flipped onto my stomach, and pulled me to the edge of the bed, my feet flat on the floor.


This position was really, really deep, and as he slid into me, I couldn't help the loud moan that escaped me.

He stroked a few times, asking me if I was okay, if he was too deep, letting me know that we could stop if I wanted to, and that he knew this particular position stretched and took my body places that most didn't. I just mumbled his name and assured him, through the cotton fabric that was now bunched in my mouth, that I was okay, to keep going, that he felt so good, and that his dick was the best.

I gripped his comforter – well, the part that I wasn't biting – as he grabbed my shoulders, taking it slow with me until my pussy was okay with the beating that she was taking at the moment. Soon, I was more than ready, and gushing. His hands gripped my waist with control, and we were one fluid motion, grinding and moving with each other. His teeth came down on my back, and I came again. And, somewhere between him rubbing my clit and grabbing my hair, we came together one final time.

Good God.

He slid out of me, carefully kissing the spot he had just bitten, and I was dripping wet. He kissed me tenderly everywhere he could, and whispered all the love that made me swoon. Although I really didn't want to, I had a best friend to take care of, and he had some writing to get in before he met up with Paul at AutoZone for whatever it is they did when they got together. He kissed me deep and passionately, like he loved me and I loved him, and I think we were both a little grateful that we could still have mind-blowing sex like that after so many times.

I swatted him away when he tried to join me in the shower, because I knew there'd be very, very little showering going on if he were in there with me, and my pussy was screaming at me. A simple yellow dress and sandals, with my hair piled on my head made for my afternoon attire. Of course, Jake palmed my ass before letting me out the door with a long, deep kiss.

Alice already had just about every bridal magazine in the world spread out on her dining room table, not to mention a 'bridal book' with all her invitation options, fabric swatches, torn-out ideas for reception spaces, and anything else you could think of. Event planning just wasn't my thing, but Alice was organized, she had connections with vendors from just about everywhere, and she had this constant ball of energy that served her well whenever she planned these types of things. Truly, if she wasn't the insane marketer that she was, she definitely would have had a successful career doing just this.

"B..." She met me at the door before I got a chance to knock, took my bag, and lead me to the table. "Hungry?"

"Actually, yeah, I'm starved. I haven't had anything since this morning."

She smiled knowingly. "Hmm, I bet. Jake kept you busy today?"

I laughed at my friend. I'd swear sometimes that she was psychic. "Well, we did go to the beach today. You know I need all the sun I can get."

"I bet. The beach. That's what they're calling it now? Me and Jazz just call it fucking." She deadpanned for half a beat, then shrugged. I was a complete mess shortly thereafter, laughing almost continuously for the next couple of hours, until my stomach hurt.

She fed me leftover chicken and vegetables, and white sangria, as we planned out her wedding. And she told me how perfect her fiancé was, to which, I deeply agreed with her. Jasper was perfect, and even more perfect for her.

She showed me the two loft spaces she had decided on for the reception and asked if we could go take a look at them later that afternoon. She asked me about Jake and the trip, and made me promise that I'd bring her back a specific list of things from France, since she'd never been either. I admitted how excited and nervous I was. That Jake was just about the only thing in this whole crazy situation that I was sure of, the one thing that put me at ease.

"You think you'll stay in Jacksonville forever? I mean, you guys are getting married and everything." I said, marking up a vintage dress that would work perfectly with Alice's theme of vintage 1920s, lace and pearls.

"I dunno. We've talked about it a bunch. I mean, for now, with V-V and everything, you, then of course Jasper's family being right in Georgia, it's hard to think about wanting to leave. I really love it here."

It made me happy that Alice thought of me in her future plans. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have her around here to bug about clothes, or to bitch to about work, or about Renee's latest crazy outburst. I mean, she was my person. The person. It also scared me to think that I'd pretty much been in Florida my entire life, and when Jake offhandedly tells me about a travel to Morocco or to Haiti or Sri Lanka, I feel like I want to do that too. Like, my little corner of the earth in Florida just...didn't mean as much to me as it once did. I wanted to see the world.

Thinking about Alice's future had me thinking about my own, and, as she showed me the invitations she'd finally settled on, that just needed to be printed, I did something I tried my best never to do.

I started thinking about me and Jake, and our future. Together.

I didn't know what I wanted. I wasn't really sold on the whole idea of marriage. Charlie and Renee had been divorced since before I was old enough to know. I didn't have too many marriage role models to choose from to make me feel better about the whole thing. It just seemed so archaic, so old-fashioned. It was just a piece of paper, and what Jake and I had, when we'd only really known each other a few months, was stronger than I could really ever hope for. Why threaten to mess that all up with some legally-binding promise? One that most people don't even take seriously anyway?

"Jake's good – we both are. And, Ali, I am so fucking happy, I can't even tell you." I smiled so big my cheeks hurt, and I didn't even care. "Things are dying down for me at work, thankfully, and Jake and I are really just taking it one day at a time. We'll see where this Paris thing goes. Then, who knows?"

Alice nodded, thoughtfully, with a tiny smile, running her fingers through her hair, and planting a kiss on my cheek. "I love you two together, and you know I heart him for you. You know I'll miss you like crazy every second you're gone, right?"

"Of course. You're my Alice, and I'm your Bella. A few thousand miles, some boys and an ocean can't change that."


This morning had gone to hell.

First, I left Jake's entirely too late, because we woke entirely too late, because we stayed up half the night sweating up his bed and room.


I ensured him, as he pushed me out of his apartment door, that he wouldn't have to come looking for me. That I could manage getting the last few things I needed to pack in my suitcase, and get myself out and waiting for him in an hour, without him having to help me.

Yeah. That wasn't going so well.

Oh God. He'd be here in a second, and I was not ready.

"Yeah, babe?" I responded weakly, looking frantically for my other earring. I couldn't leave without it; Jake had given me the simple studs weeks before and they were pretty much my favorite things on the planet to date.

"Bells, cab's here!" he yelled from the hallway. Then, before I knew it, he was in my apartment, and next my bedroom, watching me search around like an insane person. We met eyes, his black ones, frustrated, and then softening, mine brimming with moisture and near-teary.

"Bells...babe." His tone softened, and he walked toward me, arms outstretched. "What's wrong?"

"I...I can't find your earrings, the ones you gave me..." I stuttered, "I can't find the other one...I can't...I can't leave without..."

He shushed me and took me in his arms, smoothing my hair and kissing the top of my head.

"Okay, babe, let's look together. The cab can wait for a couple minutes while we find it, huh?" He placed a finger under my chin, lifting my mouth to his, and kissed me softly on the lips.

I watched this man search around my bedroom, looking under chairs and across my dresser, carefully sliding his massive hand across surfaces to find the small piece of gold and diamond that I was so fond of, and, I swear, I loved him a little more.

After exactly 3 minutes and 16 seconds, Jake found my misplaced earring nestled on top of the holes in the toe of my running sneakers, packed up both our luggage in the back of the car, with the help of the cabby, and helped me get settled in as well.

"You ready?" He looked at me with those eyes, again, pulling me toward him and tucking me under his arm.

"Ready as I'll ever be," I replied, pressing myself closer to his warm body, and closing my eyes for the thirty-minute ride to Jacksonville International Airport.

The ride felt brief with my nap and, too quickly to realize, we were meeting with international security and having our baggage screened closely. Jake was organized and easily showed them all his paperwork, including his passport and press pass; my own process similarly mirrored his. We'd made it there just over three hours before our flight was scheduled to take off, timing ourselves for this song and dance. It was relatively painless, as Jake had prepared me for it and we were visiting a US-friendly country. Once settled at our gate, we still had over an hour until the flight would board.

"Wanna grab something to eat?" Despite my best protests, Jake insisted upon carrying both his and my carry-on luggage and, at this moment, he was bent attaching my bag to his rolling one and adjusting his sweatpants. Again, his hair was tied tightly back and away from his face, which, for some reason, I was learning turned me on like I'd never expected.

"I think I might..." I glanced down and up with a grin, "...have something to show you before the flight, but we may have to hurry."

He looked at me quizzically for half a second. Then, understanding spread across his face, and at last amusement. "But, where bells? There's security all over this place."

I thought for a couple minutes, glancing around for an appropriate place. Finally, I realized there were family restrooms on pretty much every corner. They were big enough for the both of us, and had low-traffic. He must have read my mind because he had our luggage dragging behind him before I could even make the suggestion, toting his book bag on his free shoulder and opening the door to the nearest one. I double checked that we'd gone unnoticed before closing and locking the door behind us. Luckily and to my surprise and delight, the room was spotless. Jake wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me to him.

"We gotta make this quick, Bells," he said, attempting to pull my yoga pants down and off my body. I stopped him, pressing the full length of my body against his and whispering against his lips.

"I said I have something to show you. We can do that in a second." He grinned even larger, waiting, I'm sure, for me to reveal what this thing I needed to show him so badly was.

I covered his lips with mine, taking my time, running my tongue along his, and placing small pecks across his full mouth. His lips felt so soft and warm pressed against mine, if we didn't have to get on that plane, I'd do this for the rest of the day and night. We stayed there for a few long moments, enjoying each other, like it was our first time. He ran his hands over my body, pressing his palms against my nipples, and kissing along my neck. My hands were quick, untying his drawstring sweats and pulling them down just enough to release his stiffening cock.

I purred approvingly, squatting down, and placing my palms on either thigh. Then, taking him hands-free into my mouth as deeply as I could, I slid to the tip.

"Ah...shit..." he hissed, urging me on. I was confident, a fact that I'm sure helped me do this the way I knew he liked it. I'd loved him this way countless times and, even with his stamina, I could make him cum. Fast.

I took my time, savoring the sounds of his groans and the feel of him softly pushing his hips against my mouth, his entire body flexing and coiling against me. I sucked the tip, then fisted him with both hands, just hard enough to make it feel good, to make it feel like my throat was deeper, and tighter, and wetter. I loved the feel of him in my mouth, the way he was so thick my lips would curl over when I pulled away from him, and the way I had to relax because my Jake was excited and tended to treat my mouth like my pussy, and go a little too deep.

His body tensed, and he tightened his fingers against my shoulder, but I was sure he was just being his polite self and not grabbing the back of my head like he wanted to at this moment. I licked and sucked the tip, again, just hard enough, then throated him once more. I followed his rhythm, riding out his orgasm with him, until he was cumming, and I tasted him. A taste that was better than anyone I could think of in the moment, or in moments like this. I tasted it on his skin, and in his mouth. I tasted it strong and briny on his damp from sweat chest, or along his hip. I loved it.

It was success.

His chest was heaving with pleasure and euphoria and I cradled his cock in my mouth, careful not to touch too much because I knew he was really sensitive right now. I held him there, gently licking the underside and placing small kisses there, until his breathing slowed.

By the time I stood, my knees were a little sore, but I forgot it all when I saw the look on his face. A look of pleasure and satisfaction, and... love. He grinned at me through heavy-lidded eyes, tucking himself back into his pants.

"Oh...that. Yeah, that was great..." he forced out, hoarsely. "I think I have something like that for you."

I grinned in response, allowing him to pin me to the bathroom wall.

He glanced at his wrist watch, catching my top lip between his teeth. "Here let me show you."


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