Monday, December 13, 2010

The Neighbor - Chapter 9 Teaser

A/N -  You can expect an update for this chapter no later than Thursday of this week. Love you guys, and I hope you enjoy :)


My thighs rubbed together with each of my strides, tiny thong against my body, making me acutely aware of its presence, and my need for him. My whole body had been on edge since this morning when he’d left me working on my computer, dress shirt fitted perfectly to his body, and slacks that made me want to do all sorts of things that I was sure were illegal in most states.


“Yeah Bells?” He said absently, just trying to get us where we were going. I tried to steer him toward one of the many quiet little alleys between the buildings, just for a few moments, then we could be on our way.

“What...what are you doing Bells?”

My heels clicked as I tugged him into a deep hallway, no one was around, no one would know. He glanced around and upward, making sure that we weren't about to make a peep-show for some French college kids, or something of the like. I mean, it wasn’t like we were in the red-light district; something like two people having dirty public sex wasn’t bound to go over very well, even in Europe. Despite this, the fact that Jake was following me, however hesitantly made me even less concerned than I already was, per-usual, the wine had made my inhibitions missing in action.

I backed him against an ancient-looking wooden door, his hands all over my body with familiarity and lust. My lips were on his throat, softly at first, but affirming what I was thinking. I grabbed his wrists placing his hands on my ass, pulling away from him for only a moment, and of course, he stood there, gaping at me like I was insane. His body belied his expression though. He was more than ready for me, his hands roaming and squeezing, his cock steel against denim.

“You’re crazy...”

His hands pushed my second-skin skirt up my thighs, just for him to do what he needed to do without giving the world a show - not that there was a soul there to pass judgment.

Heart hammering against my ribcage, I felt his fingers roughly push my panties aside, and sink upwards and into me.

“I’m gonna make you cum here, then I’m gonna fuck you when we get’re so wet babe...did I do this to you?” His warm mouth ecstasy against my ear, his body like heaven pressed against my hot skin.

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  1. i so can't wait for the full chapter i love this story


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