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The Neighbor - Chapter 8 - Pressed Again

Chapter 8 - Pressed Again

We made it to our gate in enough time, even after stopping at an airport restaurant for burgers and mulling around for snacks and magazines. I really, really needed gummy bears, so Jake searched for the ones I wanted that weren't too hard - I hated that. He also tracked down the exact People Magazine with Matthew McConaughey on the cover that Alice had been telling me all about. It had an editorial with a vintage-looking dress she was considering incorporating in the wedding somehow, maybe for a bridesmaid or even a mother-of-the-bride dress. Her mother Esme did have the perfect figure for it.

Of course, being with Jake day to day I'd seen others stare. I mean we were a pretty striking couple, especially Jake with his height and perfect body, and stunning face and eyes. But, I'd never traveled with him, never had that many eyes on us, especially from women - young, old, flight attendants, teens traveling with family, all of them couldn't help staring at Jake, and then at me, appraisingly. 'Who was the brunette with the amazing, demigod?'

Eat your heart out, bitches; yes, he's fucking me, and it's better than you could ever imagine.

Jake was definitely beautiful - it was apparent to anyone that had eyeballs - but, what made it special, and almost comforting, was that it was unobtrusive. His gorgeousness wasn't obnoxious, and, with those dimples, well, he had an acute masculinity juxtaposed with near...cuteness.

A smile so small I'm sure no one could see it but me played on his lips as he glanced in my direction, seeing my subtle but apparent war stare. Yes, I was peeing on him, marking my territory, ready to strike in the direction of any woman willing to challenge this brunette.

He was amused.

He paused for a moment, pulling me to a complete stop and wrapping his arms around me lovingly.

What? What is he doing?

He pressed his lips to mine, parting them slightly and sliding his tongue across my own, smoothing my lips softly, moving his mouth in a kiss that nearly singed my eyebrows off.


"I'm yours," he assured, placing one last peck against my very surprised lips. He nodded a silent punctuated affirmation, then quickly walked us to the appropriate gate, never moving his hand from my ass, while managing our baggage with practiced agility. I did a mental victory dance as I saw the faces of so many of those women go sick with envy.


He smiled at me again, as we made our way through the tunnel, and the butterflies that had most recently shown themselves in my stomach returned to their fluttering. I realized I was being a bit silly. If this thing was ever going to work between us, I had to promise myself that I'd deal with this whole jealousy issue. I mean, I couldn't in good conscious man-handle every goo-goo eyed school girl and hot business woman that ever laid eyes on Jake, now could I?

We were seated on the top level, in two of the seats closest to a window, toward the back, giving us privacy, which was perfect for us. We settled in for our thirteen hour flight – Jake pulled out his laptop and began working on his next chapter, countless books and notes scattered about. I loved watching him work, especially on something he was so passionate about. I stuck in my ear buds, turned on Kings of Leon and tried to shave off a couple hours by taking a nap.

Jake and I both purchased on-air wifi, so I managed to get quite a bit of work done, plus answer the looming list of emails that were piling up in my work inbox. Victoria was asking for several items for Zenitar that Brent was on her ass about. And, after some creative 6 hour time difference scheduling, I had a conference call with Mike and team on Monday evening. Not to mention, I had to proof a billboard that another of our clients, Red Circle, was planning on placing in the middle of downtown Miami.

I tried to break up our hours of work by pausing to kiss Jake's cheek or neck. He'd follow with a peck on my forehead or nose, or rub my knee, and my heart would jump. Still. My heart still jumped for him like when I had just laid eyes on him in that hallway.

I took a break finally, deciding to pull out a book, and, after a while, peeked out from behind the copy of Grapes of Wrath I'd started over an hour before that. I'd napped, Jake and I had talked, of course, iPod, laptop, work and writing...


I was restless.

I was restless, we still had 5 hours left before we reached Charles de Gaulle, and Jake was doing that thing he did when he was deep in thought that just drove me crazy. His eyes were deeply intense and his brows were drawn inward in concentration. He just looked so handsome and I couldn't stop myself from remembering this face as one I had seen so many times before, only, there were far less clothes involved between us.

My knee started bouncing about two seconds before I realized the wetness and heat. I tried to get some relief, squeezing my thighs together, rolling my hips as inconspicuously as I could, but those small movements were of little help to my current situation. I lifted the center armrest, and moved a bit closer to Jake, lightly leaning into him so I could feel the hardness of his muscular arm against my soft, and growingly more sensitive, breast.

I paused to appreciate him, the smell of him, the earthy sweetness of clove, the feel of him against my body. I had long before slipped out of my flats, and was gently rubbing the top of my foot against his calf, wrapping my leg around his, and soundlessly purring my pleasure and need for him. His cheek curled into a half-smile for a couple seconds; he tapped a few keys and hit save before lifting his fingers from his keyboard and stowing his laptop away.

"Yes?" he questioned, playfully.

By this point, I had all but wrapped my entire body around him; my legs were tangled in his, and I was leaning the full weight of my body on him. I grinned, and he laughed and slipped under the blanket I had draped over my lap. I looked around in the darkness, attempting to be...demure? I mean, we were on a public flight with dozens of other people just feet away. I'm pretty sure Jake didn't give a shit, though, as he leaned me against the cabin window, his massive hands inching and squeezing up my thigh. I tried my best not to giggle too loudly, but was fast losing that battle as his soft mouth kissed and bit my neck, setting off sparks of pleasure directly connected to my nipples.

"You're insatiable, you know that?" he murmured against my ear, inching his hands higher on my thigh, his cock stiff against my hip.

My body responded immediately to him, my mouth watered, and I felt another wave of heat spread over me. It was late, or early, as we jetted somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, many passengers fast asleep or reading in the dim lighting above head. I wanted to be quiet, I really did, but, after Jake curled his hand around mine and pressed it against him, wanting me to feel his cock, as solid as iron, I was a whimpering, low-moaning mess.

"You are so bad. I want you," he continued, grinding himself into my palm. "We need to find somewhere to go, cuz I gotta fuck you soon..." he whispered, slipping his fingers in the waistband of my leggings and past my panties, until he was knuckle-deep inside me.

Oh my god.

I couldn't think. I couldn't breathe, let alone figure out where we could go. All I could do was feel his fingers rhythmically inside me.

"Goddamnit smell so fucking good." He quickly pulled his fingers out of me, sucking them clean, and then eased into me again.

I could have cum right then. The thought of him enjoying the taste of me that much was just so beyond sexy. Even in the dim night air, I could see him licking his lips, and sucking them into his mouth. I was so fucking wet, so ready, I was sure I'd need new clothes. This was just ridiculous.

"Shit—" I ground out, feeling the deep spasms begin as I rolled my hips against his steady fingers. His thumb circled my clit, as he forced three fingers back inside me. I tried to find purchase on anything I could, one hand gripping the back of his hair, the other curling a fist around his sweatpants-covered dick. The heat hummed though my body. It wasn't a huge, overpowering thing like so many of the orgasms he'd forced from me, but it was delicious all the same. His lips finally found mine, soft and eager, and I moaned into his mouth, assuring him that I'd just cum. I knew he was just as wound up at the moment as I was, leaning closer to me and trying to catch his breath.

"Bella, I'll go first. I'll be at the back of the plane, in the bathroom. You wait a minute, then..." He kissed my lips, again. " me in there."

My body immediately felt the emptiness once his warmth was away from me, and as soon as he left, I wanted him near me again. I wanted to be anywhere he was. I watched him lithely make his way the short trip down the aisle, and enter the lavatory. I was obedient, doing just as he had told, but wondering how the two of us would fit into such a small space comfortably and unnoticed.

The bathroom was slightly larger than any I'd seen state-side, I assumed because I'd never flown a non-American airline, and it flew internationally, so there's probably something to be said about flying on such long flights. Jake had barely folded himself into the small space height-wise, but he looked to be okay, even more so now that I had joined him there. What was it with us in bathrooms these days?

I felt his lips on mine, as he pulled me to him, running his hands up and down the sides of my body, while sucking and kissing my neck and the underside of my jaw. All at once, I had on too many layers of clothes, and so did he. I wished that I could see his body - all of him - but we didn't have much time, or room, and we needed this.

Jake urgently pulled at my pants, leaning into me and squeezing and biting at my tits. He yanked my shirt and bra enough to expose my nipples. Then, his soft, wet mouth was on them, licking and sucking, rolling his tongue and flicking my nipple, and I stifled a moan. He knew what that fucking did to me.

His hands slid into the back of my panties and pants, pulling the wet-suctioned fabric away from my body and down to just below my knees. My fingers found the drawstring of his sweats and pulled at them until I had access to what I wanted. I slipped his shirt up and over his head, because I had to feel his hot naked skin against mine. I had to smell him and taste his nipples in my mouth.

I licked my palm, wrist to tip, and began pumping my fist up and down his cock. He leaned me against the small sink area, patting my hip and prompting me to widen my stance. I was so excited that I wanted him inside of me like I needed air. I needed to feel the searing heat and burn of his body stretching mine. I needed to feel his dick filling me, tightly, until I'd lost all other thoughts except how good he made me feel.

Jake gingerly bent his knees, with his dick gripped with confidence, positioning himself just-so. Then, he stood upward and eased inside me with his fingers squeezing my hips firmly. I hissed it was so good; the satisfying feel of him stretching, making it hurt with pleasure at the very same time. The feel of his hands on my body, the way he commanded and had complete control over me.

He began his slow pace, taking his time, pulling and pushing my body as he needed to, kissing my neck, and licking a long trail to my shoulder.

"Jake...shit..." I whispered, squeezing my eyes shut, only to have him shush me.

"Bella," he said against my ear, so low even I could barely hear him, "you gotta be quiet, babe. Damn you feel so good." He was even harder, even bigger, in this position, grinding deeper inside me with every stroke.

I could only stand there and feel. Feel him wrap my hair around his fist, and tug, jerking my head back gently so he could have better access to my lips. Feel him smoothly fucking me, like it wasn't affecting him nearly as much as it was me, but I knew better. He looked at me closely with those black eyes, and was rough but tender, and passionate, and entirely focused on what we were doing, what he was doing to me.

He lapped at my nipples, pulling each one into his mouth silently, the only sounds the whirring of engine jets and the soft slosh and of him pressing and dragging his too-big dick in and out of my embarrassingly wet pussy.

I bit my lip to keep from moaning and dug my nails into his upper arms to stop myself from slapping his chest. The sensation, the excitement of us there at that moment, inches away from others, not able to move more than a foot in any direction, and concentrating on his movements was a bit much. I tried not to, because it was so good, like better than some of our best times together, and I really never wanted him to stop fucking me just like this, but...

"Cumming," I said, in a clipped whisper against his mouth on mine. He growled an affirmation, before bending his knees until the thick rounded tip of his dick was almost entirely out of me, and standing upright, deepening his stroke; so deep, he forced me upward with him to near tip-toe. I could feel everything, hyper-sensitive to every piece of naked skin touching me, every groove, and every thick inch of him.

My fingers curled tightly, while my teeth bit into the tender skin of my lip so hard I was afraid I'd draw blood. My pussy contracting around him was so intense I wanted to cry, and yell, and hit him even more. I tried to keep control, but it didn't matter, just as it never did, and my body continued to jerk, and spasm, and grind on his still very solid cock.

He let me finish; he waited a few moments until I was done, before slowly pulling out of me.

"Turn around," he whispered, simply. Jake stepped backward, slightly, to allow for me to obey. Then he lead me to the right spot, placing my palms flat against either side of the sink. "Wider."

I spread my legs as wide as the space and the elasticity of my leggings would allow. He ran his fingers up the length of my bare lips, pausing to rub my clit, before he was deep inside me, again. I grunted, forcing back the proceeding loud outburst that had nearly escaped. My palms were tight fists, steadying myself against forceful strokes. Jake's hands found my waist, pulling me onto his cock, moving me here or there, and looking for the spot that he knew would make me cum a third time, with his eyes trained on my body, my ass, or my tits.

I watched him fucking me, though.

In the mirror, in the low lighting, was the reflection of the man I loved behind me, glancing up, and looking me intensely in the eye, as he fucked me.

"Bella..." he whispered, pulling my hair to the side opposite him, "you look so fucking sexy... so bad. You love it like this don't you?" Face grimacing in pleasure, I nodded.

Yeah. I'm gonna cum again.

There, as he forcefully drove into me, causing my whole body to jump forward with every thrust, I got why he loved watching my tits bounce like this when he fucked me; this shit was so hot.

"Want me...come...don't you?" he mouthed to me in the mirror. His face was so beautiful, so satisfied, with so much love for me, full and on display.

I nodded again, as he slipped even further and sped his pace, gripping me tightly, pressing his lips to my ear.

Almost losing my balance a couple times, Jake leaned me into the cold steel So, I let him touch me, and grab me, and press his bare chest against my back. He brushed his fingers roughly against my clit, stroking me, as I pushed myself against the steady movement of his hands and hips. He only held my gaze for a moment later, his dark eyes squeezing shut and his focus turning to the orgasm that was washing over him. My attention turned, as well, every ounce of concentration on the building, then to the clenching drug out of my body, and the dripping and slickness that was his release mixed with my own.

We stayed there, coupled for a few moments, as we both allowed our breathing to return to some semblance of normal. I tried my best to clean up, while Jake re-dressed, and wantonly watched me push my tits back into my bra. "See something you like over here?"

"Oh, yeah." He reached for my clothes, playfully trying to pull them back off. I giggled a little too loudly, slapping his hands away as he exited the small space with me right on his heels. We nearly ran straight into one of the attractive middle-aged flight attendants, who gave us both a knowingly stern eyeing.

Jake smiled smoothly at her, like the most normal thing in the world was two people exiting a transcontinental flight restroom together.

I chucked nervously. "Hi…uh, hey."

"Please take your seats. The captain has just turned on the 'fasten seat-belts' sign," she murmured with a heavy English accent. I pressed my forehead into Jake's back, clasping his hand tightly, fully mortified.

As inconspicuously as possible, we made our way back to our seats, me completely satiated, him with a knowing grin. He couldn't keep his hands off of my hip, my thigh, my arm; he was excited like I'd ever seen him before, hopped up on the thrill of us in that enclosed public space.

Soon, after we'd both come down from our sex high, and had finished making out for a few moments, we did something we rarely did, because, admittedly, neither of us are extremely verbose. We talked.

"I love you," Jake said, kissing the side of my neck.

"I love you too, babe."

"I'm glad you're coming with me. I can't see wanting anyone else to be here besides you." He kissed along my jaw until his lips lingered against mine. He pulled away, leaning back in his seat and pulling my legs into his lap, rubbing my calves and ankles.

"We do always have fun together."

He wagged his eyebrows suggestively. "That we do."

I slapped him playfully on his chest, and he responded with a look of feigned innocence and surprise. I rolled my eyes with a grin. "You know what I mean."

"I do." He squeezed my thigh, almost wrapping his entire palm around my leg.

"Well...that, but we always laugh, you know? I mean, you're my person. Besides Ali, you're the first person I want to run to and tell a dirty joke or, like, when Victoria's being an ultrabitch."

"Bells, you're my person, too. You know that."

"I know, I know. I just – I mean," I shifted in his hold on me, "I just wanted you to know it."

He nodded. "I know it, Bells, cuz I feel the same way."

His honesty was all in his eyes, just like it always was; I kissed his lips softly, playing with the wisps of hair at the nape of his neck. I wondered if it ever got lonely while he was away from Florida, away on assignment to these places where there was not a soul who knew him or his family. No one to look after him or to make sure he was calling his dad, or eating right or just... someone that loved him.

"You and Angela ever go to Paris?"

"No, just me. She could never get away from the office long enough for anything overseas." Jake talked about his ex sparingly, as did I, neither of us wanting to relive past lives that were gone long before we'd met.

"You never wanted her there with you?" I found it odd that he wouldn't. He always wanted me with him, even in those small little life moments that don't really mean much, but mean everything.

Jake paused and looked at me thoughtfully. "I did, but I think by the point I'd really started going overseas, Angie and I were going through some things, you know?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Those last days can be rough."

"Right. So, traveling started being an escape from the situation, I'm kinda sad to say."

There were a few moments of comfortable silence between us. He pulled me closer to him, and I glanced at my BlackBerry, realizing we had just over three hours left.

"You talk to Peter?"

Of course he'd bring up Peter. I brought up Angela, after all.

"Yeah, for a few minutes last week. He called to tell me his mom was sick, again."

Jake nodded an affirmation, eyebrows furrowing. He'd never admit it – Jake had way too much man pride for that – but I knew he hated when I talked to him. We'd broken up over two years ago, but, really, no one ever really forgets their real first love.

"You planning to visit her?"

"No. I'll send over flowers or something. I just can't do that with him right now."

"You sure?" He meant that I should think of my relationship with his mother and not my relationship with Peter, and think about seeing her. I wasn't disagreeing; it was something I'd just have to think through before breaching. I'd have to figure out a way to completely bypass any possible face-to-face contact with him. I definitely wouldn't deal with that if I could help it at all.

"Yeah. I'll have to think about it. I do want to see Marie. I just...I don't want to see him, you know?"

Jake was quiet, appeased for the moment, but I was sure I'd hear more about this subject in the future.

"You ever think you won't want to do this traveling thing, I mean, long-term? I know you love it..."

"Yeah, you know I love this. Right now anyway, but, with you now, it brings up some things."

It was my turn to look at him quizzically. Not really sure what he meant by that, a million things ran through my mind, most of them good, some of them pretty awesome, a couple of them kinda, not so nice. He saw me purse my lips, preparing for my line of questions.

"Why don't you take a nap, babe? I have a little more to write before we get there, huh?" He slowly kissed my lips, and I nodded my response, pushing back my questions for a later, easier time. Then, I sipped my room temperature apple juice, and pulled my blanket up around my chin.


The water was set as hot as I could stand it.

I stood there, under the spray, letting it soak my body, from head to toe, rubbing my shoulders, arms and legs, because I was beyond sore from traveling on that flight for all those hours. Even with my periodic strolls through the plane to stretch my legs, being out of that small space was like heaven. My fingers raked through my scalp, ran over my body, scrubbing the day, and early morning and sex from my skin. It was just about midnight back in Jacksonville and Jake and I were already feeling the effects of jetlag taking over our cognitive functions.

Jake was in the room, unpacking whatever was most important for now, plugging in our various electronic devices and stripping down to just his boxer-briefs. I peeled my own clothes from by body, leaving them in a heap in the corner of the bedroom. The hotel was more than I'd expected, our room being more of a long-term stay mini apartment with a master bedroom, sitting area and small kitchenette.

I scrubbed again, ran shampoo through my hair, thoroughly washing and rinsing because the showerhead in that hotel bathroom was like ecstasy on my skin. After dragging my toothbrush around my mouth and a few other primping rituals, I was ready to test out that amazingly soft-looking featherbed.

"All yours." We crossed paths, me with my towel wrapped snugly around my body.

I ran my hand drier through my hair, just enough for it not to soak the pillow through, before giving Renee, Alice and Charlie a quick text letting them know I was beat, but I'd made it to Paris safely and to expect calls once I'd slept for three days. If I was any less exhausted, though, I would have jumped on Jake, getting things started that I was much too tired to do, as I watched his perfectly muscled bare body casually stride into the bathroom, steam billowing from the door.

Good God. That ass.

I curled into the bed and, just as I thought, it was amazing. Sleep in a brand new bed, in Paris, even though it was 6 a.m., was ideal. I waited a good ten minutes for Jake, but I was exhausted, and the bed was just so...damn...awesome.

The sounds from the street below woke us, the light spilling in from the afternoon sun. Luckily, our room was facing away from the searing heat of day, granting me some relief. Jake's iPhone went off next, his dad, or editor or someone like that, no doubt, though. He just felt around for it, silencing it without looking, his head still buried in a mountain of ice-white pillows.

"Oh my god..."

"I know..." Jake finally rolled over, fidgeting with the small device, making sure the settings were turned off completely.

"Somewhere, someone's telling us it's time to get up."

"I completely disagree with you" he mumbled, pulling my body closer to him and wrapping himself around me.

I giggled. "So, how do you think we're ever gonna sleep now, huh? It's like Central Park out there, and like my office in here."

"I don't care, I don't care, I don't care," he chanted, burying his face in my hair, then kissing my neck.

"Jake..." I sing-songed.


His mouth was on me, kissing me softly, placing pecks along my bottom lip, and then deepening, with his smooth tongue moving across mine. We stayed there, kissing, and running fingertips over cotton-covered nipples, and bare skin. We were completely naked seconds later, as he edged his way between my thighs, wrapping his strong arms around each of them, running his tongue around my clit, and pressing his middle and ring fingers inside me. He lapped his stiff, then flat tongue across that sensitive spot, curling his fingers until we both felt the wetness, and I was cumming.

He hovered above me, kissing me again, letting me taste myself on his lips. I slid my palms along his waist and hips, taking his boxers with them and throwing them to the hardwood floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and he was inside me, again. We were moving, grinding our hips together, wetness covering my bare pussy, him slickly bowing and curving his back and sucking along the underside of my breasts.

"Oh, Jake, baby..." I gasped and moaned his name, and a million other things, as I came, quickly and easily. I don't know if it was something about us being in Paris or about this being our first time in this bed together, but, god, we felt good together.

We were together three more times before the night came, and Jake went out for food for us. We ate on the balcony, talking about all kinds of unimportant things, drinking wine and watching the night lights. I loved him even more, as he cracked his jokes and told me stories of him travelling over the last couple years.

"And, what exactly am I supposed to do while you're out saving the world with your pen?"

"I told you, Bells, I'll introduce you to Rose tomorrow. She's great. You'll love her; she can show you around. I'm pretty sure she'll have lots of time on her hands with all the retail shops around here being closed for holiday and all."

I looked at him, completely unconvinced. "Okay, Jake. I really hate to make her have to babysit me."

"No way, Bells. I already talked to her, and let her know that I'd be here and I was bringing you with me. She's excited, trust me."


"But, uh, you may have to do some shopping with her..."

"Jake. Define some."

"You worry too much, Bella. It will all work out. Trust me." He flashed me that grin, again, the one with the dimple I wanted to stick my tongue in, and, somewhere, I knew I was in for trouble.


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