Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Neighbor Chapter 10 Teaser

I glanced at the clock. Alice and Jasper would meet us here in just twenty minutes. Mike’s house was closer to our apartment building - just a short few blocks away, an easy walk in the warm early evening. Jake ran his hands along the front of my shorts, my pussy aching for his thick fingers to roughly rub until I was excited beyond all comprehension.

I ran my hands along the smooth skin of his shoulders and chest, trying to touch him everywhere quickly. None of it was enough- it never was, really. I felt greedy and deprived. He bent down, ground his swollen dick along the front of my shorts, and really, there wasnt much fabric keeping us from what I could tell we both really needed.

The rap on the door was abrupt. Enough to make both of us jump a little.

It reverberated up my spine, to my skull, over my nipples and down to my damp pussy being dryhumped into submission by my insanely sexy boyfriend.

“Fuck.” Jake breathed against my mouth. “What the fuck...”

“Shit, shit, shit.” I whined, unwrapping my calf from around his thigh. “Ali and Jazz...”

“Of all the fucking times they could be on time, they choose fucking now.” He continued to mutter under his breath, straightening his solid cock in the shorts he wore under his costume. As Jake answered the door, all I could think of was the painful clenching that was my pussy’s protest.

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