Wednesday, December 2, 2009

TEASER - Honey

Lord Jesus, help me.

“Miss Ness,” Jacob began, his voice dripping with humor. She tilted her head slightly toward him, raising her eyebrows. “Do you like… uh, you been dippin’ in the honey?” His smile broke into a full grin as his eyes dropped to her mouth.

“…er, what?” She smiled, fully amused; had she missed the punch line?

“You have a little…” He said slowly rising his hand to cup her face. She felt her heart banging in her chest at the wonderfully, tender feel of his palm against her jaw. The rise and fall of her chest was not lost on him, and he paused briefly to ensure he wasn’t overstepping by touching her.

He slowly dragged his thumb across the corner of her mouth, where a stream of wayward golden honey had dripped, just a half inch from her lips. Ness had to suppress the moan that bubbled up within her, and without even thinking, she parted her lips and turned her head in one swift motion, capturing his thumb in her mouth.

Jacob’s mind was lost, all senses were eradicated, all sucked into the small place in the universe where his finger was in the warm wetness of her mouth, where she sucked and licked softly.

It was like heaven on earth.


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