Monday, December 14, 2009

TEASER: Deep Undercover - Chapter 5

"Lauren," Ness said softly, not breaking her gaze with Jake, "please set up some time with these gentlemen for our further discussion."

When the meeting was ending, a little less than an hour later, Emmett took his leave, while Ness called Jake to stay behind for a moment. Emmett grinned and made his way out of the office, as Ness walked around her desk, waving her two body guards and assistants out of the room behind him.

She swayed over to him with her confidence and power just as apparent as her bronze hair, placing her delicate palm on his chest.

"You know Eli, I usually never mix business..." she stepped even closer to Jake, enough that he could smell her deliciously expensive perfume and feel her soft body against his. "...and pleasure..." she trailed that hand down and gripped his cock through his pants. Just as she suspected...fucking huge.

"...but I'm willing to make an exception for you. The offer still stands." In one swoop, she reached for a cream-colored business card, lightly rubbed it over her now hardened nipple, then her neck, finally placing it in his breast pocket. "You pick the place and time. I'll... handle everything else," she whispered darting her tongue across his earlobe. Jake didn't move a muscle, trying with everything in him not to let Eli rip her panties off, lift her onto her desk and wrench her thighs apart.

"Well, uh, Ness...that sounds extremely tempting," Jake said, not able to stop himself from placing a palm on her soft hip. "I'll definitely take that into consideration." He felt the weight of his erection pressing against his pants, and tried not to think of the insanely sexy woman all but throwing herself at him in this moment, so he could walk straight.

Ness was pleased with herself. Yep. She'd have him soon, very soon... and he'd come to her. They all did.

"You do that," she purred, placing a kiss along his jaw and stepping backwards, an action his dick cried out against. Jake stepped back as well, attempting to get both his erection and breathing under control. Emmett was waiting for him, and once he saw Jake's pained expression as they met on the main floor, he couldn't help but laugh.  GET CAUGHT UP ON DU

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