Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Drabble - Prompt: 16 – Redemption - Of War and Roses

Title: Of War and Roses
Prompt: 16 – Redemption
Character/Pairing: Paul
Rating: R
Summary: Sure and strong, he was their salvation. One for the lives of many.

Of War and Roses

He would never admit that he really wanted to kill them.

...but he did. With every fiber in his being, he did.

And, as they begged him for mercy, pleading like the sickening slugs of human they were, he turned a deaf ear.

He ignored their cries for redemption.

They had had no mercy, and thus, there would be no mercy for them today.

Only the swift sword of justice- whet with intricate care for his purpose- would be heard, as Paul’s blade sliced through skin and bone and sinew.

He was their judge, jury and prosecutor.

A warrior.

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