Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drabble - The Secretarial Talents of Miss Swan

Title: The Secretarial Talents of Miss Swan
Prompt: 13 – Music Mania, Sing
Character/Pairing: Jacob/Bella
Rating: R
Notes/Warnings: None.
Black 100

The Secretarial Talents of Miss Swan

“No, Miss Swan. That won’t do,” Jacob said, sweeping his hand dismissively.


“What do you suppose we do about that?” His already deep brown eyes darkening.

“I…I suppose I…I,” she stammered, walking to the corner of the study, pulling a leather-bound book to reveal what she was sure Mr. Black would suggest.

“Ah,” Jacob continued, “you do have a brain in that pretty little head of yours.” Bella quickly locked her small wrists together above head, with her back to him.

As the smarting slaps began against her bare bottom, tingeing them pink, Jacob began, “I’ve been a bad, bad girl…Miss Swan, sing with me…cause, I’m feeling like a criminal.”

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